Warwickshire/Nuneaton/Coventry etc

So I really need to start making new friends and meeting people to fly with.
So, if your anywhere near the local area, PLEASE contact me next time to plan a flying day…



Thanks for getting the ball rolling in your region @Proteous, nice one :+1:

Tagging some potential members in and around that way: @Davo_101 @sbell139 @Cragster2016 @ash_tornedo

Possibly @Rifleair too, but he’s sadly drone-less at the moment :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m generally available at weekends but still new to flying


I’m still new too. Only been flying a few months. Looking to start learning a lot more now. Sunday’s are always good for me pretty much.


Sunday’s work for me too


I’m close by, in Rugby. Really struggling to find areas to fly though. Before getting the Mavic Air I looked around the area and thought there were several good places so should be OK (no ‘no fly zones’ near me). Trouble is, once you look more closely it seems drones are banned from most areas I’m interested in.

Nearby quarry with a lake, nice I thought but then it’s also a nature reserve. What’s peoples take on places like this? Keep your distance from wildlife and you should be OK or will you get told to clear off!

Several Reservoirs not too far, but most have sailing clubs which state no drones and Anglian Water also state no drones.

Just wondering where people actually get to fly?

If anyone from this area has any ideas of good spots please let me know. May be interested in meeting up with some of you (if we can find somewhere!)

As per most things in life, “Don’t be a dick” is a general good rule of thumb for these situations :+1:

I fly from a nature reserve in Wigan all the time, but I choose where to take off from carefully, naturally making sure I’m not surrounded by swans or something!

After all, it’s their home, not ours :blush:

That’s an easy one to work around, simply take off from a public place, then fly over the reservoir :slight_smile:

Without wishing to take this thread too far off topic (sorry @Proteous), if you’ve not see it yet @Cyc check out our map of places to fly @ https://dronescene.co.uk

Thanks for the reply. I’m probably just getting paranoid about the whole thing. It just feels like anybody that can see you flying a drone is gong to be against it. Although I do fly from the fields behind my house (lucky to have that space, but just gets a bit boring after a while) and plenty of dog walkers have passed by without issue, several actually making pleasant comments.
I did also get to the east coast the other week and no issue flying on the beach (although picked a fairly quiet area).

I guess as you say, be sensible and respect others around you.

Sorry for going off topic…


Wonder what coombe abbeys take is on drones ?

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I have flown around the Abby with no issues… But it was a quiet week day.

Kirby muxloe castle too… As well as Coniston mill.

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Haven’t heard of them

Ok everyone I am very new to this… live in Coventry, thought to myself always fancied a drone. Like with most people thought we live near to some great countryside and some beautiful places… so first outing a couple of weeks ago early morning to Coombe Abbey. Absolutely brilliant fly the drone for an hour fantastic… Next weekend up a bit later to go back to Coombe, to be told when there I Cant Fly it there… Didn’t argue just packed up and left… now have no idea where to go… All I need is a quite spot where I can practice… Any help welcome please…

I was told to leave Coombe…

Hi Rich, and welcome to GADC!

I can’t personally help with that area, but check posts in #where-to-fly-in-the-uk … and also the interactive map @ https://dronescene.co.uk which has locations members have flown and recommended.

Hope you get to find somewhere great to fly very soon … weather permitting. :+1:

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I live in Coventry and have been flying up at coombe and not been told to stop
Who told you ?
What part were you flying in ?



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I also fly up at bosworth. Lots of open land and great views. Never had an issue there either.

Where abouts in bosworth ?

The park. Not the water park, it’s always to busy.

I was approached by the rangers at Combe and they told me I couldn’t fly. Where do you fly on the top field or by the car park Stu. I was by the car park.