Warwickshire palatial houses and a Worcestershire folly

Warwickshire palatial houses and a Worcestershire folly.
Broadway Tower, Compton Vernay, Coughton Court, Charlcote House, Ragley Hall. Baddesley Clinton, Packwood House and Warwick Castle.

All take off points were outside any National Trust Property etc.


Done ;o)

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Love the video & the music both go hand in hand , one of my most favourite , awesome :star_struck:

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Very nicely done, :smile:
Iā€™m local and have visited all these places, you have done them justice :+1:

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Ditto Steve. Nicely done @JayPoly

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Thanks it was a pleasure to do.

Loved this footage, beautiful historical sites and your personal take on their best perspectives. Just what drone photography is about.

Thank you, nice to hear a lot of fun to do.