Was practising yesterday at sunset and think I may have taken my best ever pics!

Sunset at All Saint’s Church, Rettendon, Essex. Shots were taken whilst I was practising for a project I have just started on.


they look really nice!

what settings where you using? any filters?

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Really lovely pics. I hope you shoot RAW so that you can give the images the lovin they deserve…?

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No filters yet…I do plan to get some. I shot in D-Cinelike with Iso100, Sharp/Cont/exp at +1/0/0, custom WB set at 5600-6000k. I forgot to use tripod mode but it was a fairly still evening (1800-1900 as the sun set). The pics came out nice and flat and I added some colour in post production. I didn’t edit or add filters at all.

Sadly no…I’m only really starting to learn about photography so it was in non RAW this time. i did try and use RAW but I can’t open anything shot in that mode on a Mac and I need to find a way to do that before I start shooting in RAW.

Mate, I’ve been using graphics software on Macs since dinosaurs roamed the earth. If theres anything I can do to encourage you, just pm me.

You can pick up older versions of Photoshop and Lightroom on FleaBay for next to nothing. And using Camera Raw will be like a revelation to you. An 8-bit JPG will have 16 million possible variations of hue, brightness and colour. Sounds a lot, right? But a RAW (16 bit) image will have 28 BILLION combinations.

Translating the numbers into seconds, to make it more visual: 8 bit (in seconds) works out to about six months. But 16 bit images (in seconds) would make 875 YEARS.

Check out this useful tutorial: VISUAL BREAKDOWN: 8-bit vs 16-bit images - YouTube

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Wow… Amazing pics mate :+1:

I’ll second @PsychoTeapot re LightRoom.

I’d never even heard of the RAW format before I got my Mavic.

Then @RaRaRasputin introduced me to the wonders of post editing with his LR video at Mavic Pro Lightroom Stills

I’ve not looked back since :smiley:

(I bought a cheapy/old LR on ebay too)

Good work mate :))

That the same for us PC types? I thought you needed some kind of expensive subscription deal to use Lightroom.

OK so I have had a look online and got a version of lightroom from eBay. It’s all loaded up oK and seems to feel like it wants to do stuff but I can’t import any pictures to it from Photos on the mac as the folder I want to import from is ghosted. The only way I got round the issue was importing the pics from the Mavic memory card directly but now I gone and done some ungodly thing and all those pics now say they are AWOL and I am back to the ghosted folders where every pic I want to impart is hiding.

So where am I going wrong? Have I got a duff version of the fabled lightroom and been ripped off? Have I bought an add on and not the right thing? Am I wishing I stayed with a little click or two in Photos?

All help welcomed!!

Jay - I feel your pain!
I’ve done the same thing. Here’s why it happens: Lightroom builds a catalogue file (a database) of all your images. The minute the path to the images changes, Lightroom goes bonkers cos it can’t find them. Trust me, the only way to work is with a clear and permanent path to your pics.

Lightroom will definitely see your images if you copy them from the card to a folder on your desktop. It’s what Lightroom was built for. If you continue to have trouble, just let me know.

All my images, for example, are in a folder called “To Process” on an external USB drive, with a shortcut to the folder on my desktop. Copy the images from the micro SD card to that folder then import into Lightroom.

The best bit about Lightroom is that it’s non destructive on your precious pics. You can treat the same image a dozen different ways, export them - but the original is still as you shot it. I recommend going to Lynda.com and working through the Lightroom tutorials. And I have some training vids kicking about somewhere - maybe I’ll put them on an FTP server so anyone can grab them.

Hope this helps!


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Hang on… I may have the answer.

If you’re using Photos (the app) on a Mac then stop.
You need to do all that shizz about copying your pics to the "To Process: folder using the Finder. Photos is Apple’s own app, and won’t get along with Lightroom. Ever.


Right…I’m gonna look at the excellent training videos that were posted and get to grips with this. Also…now I know that photos and LR don’t get on I will set it up to import from the one place where I drop the Mavic pics into…cheers for that tip. Now I am gonna go and try and take some decent pics!!!