Water water everywhere

Out for a brief play with the mavic today whilst there was a break in the weather. Captured some footage of a closed local road with the help of the wife for the first shot :slight_smile:

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Bloody hell thats a lot of water!

Those road closed signs look permanent?

And did you take off from that bridge?!

Yes the signs live there, the road is closed pretty much every year.

As the road was closed to traffic it was safe to take off from the road just before the bridge.

Not sure why I spend so much of my flyying time over water lol

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I would think is the fact your safe flying Your Mavic @Jcborden Great Footage James :+1::+1::+1:

Great video great dramatic music to compliment the video. I am always weary of flying over water. I know it sounds nuts, but I always think that I would have a minute chance of drone recovery over solid ground if something went wrong.
But that said, I have captured some over water shots that look amazing. You have to take the risk to get these kinda shots.
Thanks for sharing.