Waypoint flight


The drone is still in GPS mode in Sport Mode - yes!

It doesn’t kill the application - only the mission that’s been uploaded to the drone by Litchi.

The uploaded mission runs totally autonomously from the app and the RC once initiated.

I tend to use the pause button to stop the mission.

Selecting Sport Mode, or pressing Pause, similarly stops any of the DJI built in things - tracking/POI/Pano, etc … so it’s doing nothing different to Litchi than it does to its own gizmos.


Thanks… now looking to buy some litchi. i need more stimulation.


It’s great fun, actually.

Totally agree with @jonathantozer’s “getting used to it doing its own thing” tips … small, simple, slow mission in a small field that you can easily follow.

It’s still strange seeing it buzz off under it’s own control - this morning’s 1.2km max distance over the sea … etc.

I’ve said elsewhere, before - I totally trust Litchi to do exactly what I tell it to do … I trust my ability to tell it the correct things to do far less.

Using Virtual Litchi Mission (windows only) is a great way to visualise what’s going to happen.
This vid was created in VLM.


Just purchased litchi… fun begins.


I have a mavic air so litchi is my only option,its impressive


True,if it goes T**ts up on litchi,it has always been my fault,not the app.


Getting negative altitudes by mistake has been my danger zone. Luckily, picked up on the little summary before you upload.


Thats sooo good. Exactly what I was looking for. You ought to take a % because I’ve just purchased Litchi! :smiley:

Thankyou for sharing the screenshots and the vid. Shows off Litchi in a nutshell!


Cant wait to get into this. Been thinking up waypoint like missions since picking up my m2p in October. Woo hoo!


Happy days,enjoy!


Well… seeing as the weathers crap, I’ve been enjoying my time putting together my first litchi mission. Will certainly need to do a trial mission before I put a big one through it’s paces.
There was a virtual mission of a London flyby posted here somewhere. Anyone know how to get a virtual representation ?


That was mine : Flying in London

If you are on Windows - you need Virtual Litchi Mission (from Mavic Pilots - latest download link always in first post of that thread) and Google Earth.

If you’re on Mac (or Windows) there is a Chrome Browser plugin (also in Mavic Pilots - latest version in 1st post) … and Google Earth.

The VLM program is far better at creating the representation, imo.

In the little I’ve used the Chrome plugin I’ve found several significant bugs that I’ve reported … and they’ve been corrected … but there are probably more I’ve not found - so I gave up on it.

Shout if you need help with VLM.


Thanks Dave. Damn - I didn’t need the “want” to get into this ! Keeping me away from work and PfCO course.
Addictive stuff. Man - i’m behind the times on this.


No probs.

I’ll upload a render of the VLM for the flight above, to the fort.
It’s a modified version of the mission used for that flight (increased distance when circling, etc) … but it still gives you a good comparison as to how VLM gives a very good representation.

(Unfortunately, the fort isn’t in 3D in GE … otherwise it would look even more similar.)


Here’s the VLM/GE render of the (slightly updated) mission that the video in post #19 was created with.