Waypoints 2.0 and M2Pro

Did a few searches, but still cannot find a definitive answer.
Is it possible to set waypoints on a smart controller without having to be connected to my M2Pro the whole time.
Using Waypoint 2.0

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Not sure on the answer but pinging

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Hopefully an adult will be along shortly to help :+1:t4:

Sadly not! I have a Mavic 2 Zoom & Smart Controller and tried everything - I gave up and decided it’s best to go to the area I want to fly, set everything up and turn on the Mavic as if ready to fly. I connect the controller to my phone’s wifi and choose the satellite map. Then start the overly laborious task of setting the waypoints etc. Fly the course, land, stop the props and repeat to make the adjustments.
I suspect the drone has to be switched on thereby using up part of the battery so that you buy another battery from DJI. But that would be stating the obvious!

Cheers mpaull. I thought that would be the outcome.
I’m sure I read on some forum or other that if you had a normal controller and using Apple products, you could set waypoints without the ac being powered up all the time.
As for Dji encouraging you to buy more batteries, well…
Thanks again.

Although it does cost a few quid, Litchi is your go-to for this.

Full planning on laptop/tablet/phone without being connected to the drone, and sync between all devices logged in so you are ready to fly.

It does a lot more than Waypoints, too.

There are other apps I’ve used too little to recommend.

Some “reading” on Litchi here, and do general searches for it, too.

This post confirms that it works on the SC.


Thanks so much ozonevibe.
I will look into buying litchi app.
I suppose manually flying missions rather than using waypoints could be more satisfying but rather difficult to master for an inexperienced flyer like myself. However, I only fly for fun and will read up on litchi and waypoints
Again, thanks for the info.

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If you’re buying Litchi for your DJI Smart Controller be sure to by it from the Amazon store and not the Google Play Store.


And if you’re not in a rush, wait until it’s on offer / sale. The price fluctuates a few times throughout the year.


GADC must be the best forum for proper information and advice on all drone matters. Again, thanks to you PingSpike for that info.
I have read up on, and viewed quite a few Litchi tutorials today and I shall take your advice and wait until offers are on.
Till then, I will practice flying and try to get smooth video outputs from my quadcopters.
I seem to spend quite a bit of time hovering while I line up shots. And, as for editing, well, that seems to be quite a steep learning curve for someone my age.