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Good evening guys. Can anyone recommend a good app to give wind speed, direction and forecast for a given area. I’ve read that “Windy” is quite good. Any of you guys used it. Hopefully it’s going to be a decent weekend so fingers crossed I can get some flying practice. Cheers

Use “” on my MacBook myself and seems to be pretty accurate I must say.


Met Office works well.

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Hi fella. Wow that looks the business. I’ll down load it onto my IPad. Cheers for that :+1:

Thanks Stormin. I’ll try a few and see what’s best.

Agreed - and it’s dynamically updated on the day rather than relying on a 6 hourly forecasting model that’s already over 6 hours old before it’s released for free consumption.

But it’s also not a easy/quick to read for several days to compare them.

Cheers for that guys. Obviously you need something to give you a good idea of what’s going on in the sky’s on the day. Brilliant, Thanks👍

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I just look at tall trees around where I’m flying…


Your trees do forecasts? :hushed:

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Don’t need a forecast… if it’s a flying day then it’s all about the weather when I get to wherever I’m flying… I stopped looking at the weather forecast mainly because it’s utterly useless


I’d agree with the last bit. :ok_hand:

I think I’ll just ask the wife, she’s always right :roll_eyes::grimacing:


She’ll say “It’s too windy. Get on with the DIY!”

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image `


Yup, me too… and I still get it wrong lol

UAV Forecast is pretty good and free unless you want long range forecast and cloud base data.


It’s probably more accurate than the weathermen lol I also check Runway HD as it gives wind at my local airport which is probably quite accurate or at least I hope it is and gives an indication of local conditions

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Also shows wind indication on the map

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I like the UAV app too, but i still have my trusty £9 anemometer in the bag - coastal & mountain flying winds can change very quickly and be quite localised so the physical whirring blades of the device kind of make me feel better - sad really :slight_smile: