Weekly leverhulme park sunday meet BOLTON MANCHESTER

this is hopefully a weekly meeting place

next possible meeting is 08/03/2020 about 10:30 parking is available very nearby, there are 2 large areas to fly


parking is available on the carpark near the running track

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weather is looking ok for tomorrow , its cloudy most the day

Lucky guy! Gunna piss it here in the midlands.

I will use the really actuate forecast tomorrow , I will look out of the window :smile:. if I cant fly there are two pubs nearby


looking good ATM I have clear skys , no wind , so im am going down to fly

im leaving my house at 10am im only 20 to 30 mins away from the site, so hopefully see you there

if anyones interested, I am hoping to fly tomorrow 22/03/2020. weather dependant. its looking good from about 9am and may get worst by 11 am. join me if you want to

Good man. I am at Old Leamingtonians Rugby ground from about 9am. Everyone welcome. But don’t shake my hand. Or give me a kiss :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you get someone down.

Im going out about 9am, i will check the wind when i het down there, air data says its ok

got out, wind was a bit strong, manages some low level, and kept it close

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sunday 2nd august , is the next planned meeting. weather permmiting. about 12:30 , on the field near between the old golf courses and the sports arena

I’m not sure of this area. Is there anymore detail? I’m working till 1130. Might pop by depending how tired I am. Yes that sounds lazy but I’m up at 3.30am for work.

this is the aprox location

im normally in the middle of the football fields

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Thank you. Depending how I feel and on weather. I’ll probably see you there.

looks a bit windy epsecally the gusts, i dint think its safe to fly , so im not going to risk it.
i will try next week .