West Yorks /NYorks meet?


This coming Wednesday mate, 4pm onwards.


Hi all


I just joined today, i have a DJI Mavic Pro and only got chance to fly a few times while on hols in Wales a few months ago. (Edit: See how new i am to this, i have a DJI Mavic Air with the extra fly pack - Not the pro!)

I live in Bradford J26 so not far from J24.

Work from home so if this was going ahead on Wednesday it would prolly be 6:15ish by time i got to there unless i can leave a little early. Never been to a meet of this kind but it does sound interesting. Dont want you feeling over run tho mate if you already have a number of people turning up.



Welcome to Grey Arrows, Matt!!


Welcome from just the other side of the Pennines @TheWood1978, I’m over in Wigan :smiley:


Thanks for the welcome messages :slight_smile:


Welcome to GADC Matt :smiley:


The GADC Yorkshire Meet - Weds 22nd August

I think we have sufficient interest in this meet already to make it viable, so some details and rules are required.

The main reason for this meet, is for the purpose of gaining knowledge to increase confidence and it really would be nice if there was an experienced member in attendance to share some knowledge to the newbies amongst us.

As we will all be representing GADC on this meet, it is important that we run the evening in a professionally organised manner.

As mentioned earlier, the meet will start at 4pm, although I appreciate that those dong that working thing may turn up later.

Food and drink will be available on the evening.

All members attending must sign in with me on arrival, and before flying will be allocated an altitude which must be adhered to on that session.

I will be acting as ATC on the evening in an effort to maintain some organisation and avoid any accidents.

We will have a take off and landing area. (see image)

When taking off you must ascend to your allocated altitude before leaving the take off and landing area, following this you are free to fly where you want to.

When landing, please inform me and make your way to the landing area at your designated altitude.
This will be a large area with a landing pad to use if you require it.

As you will see, there are many acres to fly in, however, there are some overhead cables at about 50 feet which run near the landing area and parallel to the road down to the Farm.

As I myself are new to Drones and have never organised a meet of this kind, I would appreciate some input from Rich and other experienced pilots as to whether this can work ok.

So, all are welcome and I look forward to meeting you guys.

Please let me know though if you will be attending and I will message you with the address and my mobile number.



Sorted just let us know the postcode if you don’t want to post on here just message us all



Welcome, hope to see you on Wed evening


Ok I must have posted just as you did Dave
I will fetch landing pad and anemometer
I’ll fetch along all my info on PfCO training and help you out as mcush as possible

Do you get on well with your farmer ? If so let him know so he doesn’t come down with his shotgun complaining about the bees :honeybee: he will hear and start shooting them out of the air

Weathers looking good and nothing on drone assist



Thanks Jeff, appreciate that.

We very rarely see the Farmer other than when he checks the fences. He isn’t based where we are.

There are a herd of Cows (and a Bull) in the field opposite to our landing area, but as the area they use is so large, we may not see them.
There are also some horses in the field to the right of the buildings, but as long as we don’t buzz them, we will be ok.

Be great to have you there to offer advice to the newbs.

Hope the weather is good, but even if it isn’t then it will be good to meet you all.


Dave, absolutely spot on post my good man!

Assigning designated altitudes is very much the right thing to do. What increments are you using?

Requesting permission to take off and land is also an excellent idea, as people will tend to be focussing on their own drones and not what their nearest neighbour is doing :+1:

When taking off and landing :+1:

I can’t tell from that picture Dave, how wide is the ‘vertical corridor’ ?


Hi mate,

Altitudes increments I’ve been thinking about. However, lets say there were five drones up at any one time, and the minimum height would be 100ft, that would give us 100 - 175 - 250 - 325 and 400.

Would that work?

The vertical corridor of the landing area would be the full width of that field, which at the narrowest part is about 75m and sufficient horizontal to land a Cessna. (well nearly)

Appreciate your input.



This crappy video I did in the first week of getting my MPP shows part of where we will be flying.


What’s not to like! :+1::+1::+1:
Oh - 242 miles / 4 hour journey each way’s what’s not to like! :frowning:

I even think @callum might be a tad closer! LOL


How about we all fly to you?

I reckon 8 hours and 17 battery changes should just about do it. :grinning:


237 miles lol


That could be a half way meet for us. LOL


It could - but I wouldn’t want to be the guy getting blown around at 400’ while the rest of you cruise around gracefully in lower wind conditions :blush:

You could potentially narrow that down a bit, start at 100ft (would that clear the nearest height-obstacle?), then use 50ft increments so again, the five of you would be at 100ft, 150ft, 200ft, 250ft, 300ft. That’s assuming of course you’d have five birds in the air at any one time? A 50ft gap is 15m, which to put in to perspective is about six storeys height on a typical tower block.

Another alternative would be rather than issuing fixed heights at the gate, issue the height at the point of take off, and keep it dynamic. You could even ask the PICs if they had a preferred height (some people like to fly at 400ft all the time!) It’ll make your ATC role a little more challenging but it’ll give everyone the option of a lower altitude.

Dave, is public liability insurance a requirement of attendance to this meetup? If so, please make that very clear to all who plan to attend :slight_smile:


Or go up at a couple at a time depends on how many peeps turn up or want to chat