West Yorks /NYorks meet?


If you can fly in all directions, perhaps, rather than altitude, divide the space into quadrants with free range of movement for 4 at a time?
Each person can use a different quadrant for each flight so everyone gets chance to take pics/video all around … and at all heights.


Just got back from walking the dog in the fields where I live and was just wondering the same thing as I looked at the different fields. You beat me to it !!


Thanks guys, all great ideas.

I think it all depends on how many attend and assuming that there are half a dozen members, there will be lots of time for everyone.

Maybe Jeff will have a better idea when he arrives. I’m just keen that whatever we do, we do in a professional way.

Insurance, I hadn’t covered as I assumed that for £20 pa that everyone would have it. Guys, you really should have it, so this will be a requirement.

Please, if are coming say so on here and a rough time you’ll be arriving.

I will be sending out the address and my contact number over the next 24 hours.


Great minds think alike …. but NOT necessarily at the same speed. :wink:


So far we have the following members who wish to attend:

Yorksnproud (Dave)
sparkman999 (Jeff)
Brian …to confirm
Milkmanchris …to confirm
Thewood1978 …to confirm


This is set to be the biggest ever GADC member meet so far @Yorksnproud - great work :clap:

Another random thought I just had, power…

Will you be able to provide some power (and/or 4-way extension leads?) that people can use for charging batteries?

I’d imagine most people will arrive with fully charged gear, but some people may only have one or two batteries :+1:

You probably will anyway, but recommend only send those details to the people attending, via a PM.


Fully charged beer fridge is more important! :+1:

If this all goes well, another time, for the heck of it (especially if I can find a couple of other reasons to justify the journey) I might come along … complete with a massive cold box of beers, I promise! :wink:


So drink driving is good ?


Camping! Never heard of it?


Part of your PfCO is thar operators/pilots will not have alcohol before flight


Ah so it’s a stay over


Plenty of room in the back of the Shogun to crash out!


Although Cosy Nook barn was built in the 1700’s you’ll be pleased to know that it has since been fitted with electricity.

I have a MPP multipoint charger which will be available and four fully charged batteries if anyone needs to borrow one.

Not sure what other DJI drones use.


ok Dave
all is looking good for Wednesday
I see two building and only question I have is parking don’t want to upset the neighbours if its two houses
do I need to fetch tea bags, coffee, nibbles (hope I spelt that right):grin:



Fantastic, look forward to it.

Parking will be no problem. Depending on who arrives first, there is parking to the front of Cosy Nook barn and if that is taken, then to the rear.

There will be coffee and tea all evening as well as sandwiches, no need to bring anything with you

Also a beer when we’ve finished flying.

Hope the weather is like it is tonight, just had the drone up and no wind whatsoever.


Looking forward to it Dave.
Appreciate you hosting,
Should be a good night.


Looks like I spoke to soon hopefully it’s eased off by 4pm


.Lets hope they’re wrong as usual.


Latest update Sod’s law looking at the time


Are we going to have one final look in the morning and then come to an agreement.

To be honest I really need to get my drone flying in a supported environment as I have no experience of flying. I was hoping tomorrow was going to be that opportunity