West Yorks /NYorks meet?


I’ve opened the BBC weather app on my phone and my tablet at the same time and seen two completely different weather forecasts for the exact same location.

They have one job, to predict the weather, and with millions of pounds worth of super-computers they still can’t get it right.

If I was that rubbish at my job I’d be sacked!




A tad harsh, not all forecasts are bullshit.


Fingers crossed it stays dry Dave.


It’s england and the weathers half the fun if you look at it it’s only a percentage chance I will still be turning out and it will probably blow over
@PingSpike chill man it’s just miss spent money on a computer system that doesn’t work properly i could always give them my ZX81 but they will have to provide their own tape deck


Hey all

I’ve booked PM off today for this meet. Just been catching up on the thread regarding the weather. It’s not so bad for me as not far to travel. I guess we will see what it’s like at the time.

See you all there. I’ll show up prolly just after 4pm.



This site just dropped for like 5 to 10 mins, didnt think i was going to be able to confirm the address :slight_smile:



Same here, thought it was my internet connection at first.
See you there Matt


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A Cracking evening guys and thanks to everyone who turned up.

As the first two drones took off we had rain and decided to take a break for food.

The rain continued until about 7pm then stopped.

Drone time! We had a 45 minute window.

Mad Matt attempted to break the sound barrier with his Mavic Air, whilst Jeff and Mick gave the newbs some great tuition.

Dave (Bing) was without a drone following his accident, apparently tried to take his Drone up to 400ft in his kitchen. (well we think thats what happened)

Nice meeting you all and hope it’s not too long before we do it again.



Ditto mate. I really enjoyed this evening.

I’ll look forward to the next one. Decent weather and maybe a public place with a view. Maybe that Castle you mentioned Dave.

Thanks for the invite and it was great to meet you all.

Even No Drone Dave :slight_smile:

Jokes aside. Thanks again and thanks to ya wife Pippa for the quality food.



Dave a big thanks for arranging this and Shout out to Pippa for the excellent Posh nosh (diet starts again tomorrow)
Nice to see everyone as Matt says must do again but when its not raining even that FINE rain


Only Pic i got!

I also ‘forgot’ to press record on the last ‘mega’ flight :frowning:


Glad your meet up went well guys.

Sounded like a great night except for the rain.

And well done to @Yorksnproud for making it happen.


Cheers Dave @Yorksnproud and Pippa for the hospitality…
It was a good night. Much appreciated.
Looking forward to the next one.
Castle Hill sounds good…


One from the sky
We had three drones up not bad out of 5 we did used the NDD filter but he had already gone…


Made me chuckle.


Ok new game spot the drone