What android tablet are your guys using

Hi chaps.

I apologise is this has been asked before but I’m looking for for an android tablet on the simulator sort of size and speck as the Apple 4 mini.
Any suggestions?



Can’t help you with this one, I went from an iPad Mini 2 to a CrystalSky.

I’m sure someone will be using a droid tablet tho!

Just won’t one that’s not going to give me app crash problems.

I’m not an Android user, but if you’re looking for a dedicated device for flying with, you could probably clean up any Android tablet quite well I’d image, to remove or disable all the built in crap you don’t actually need?

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I have two Android phones, not tablets, one is dedicated to the Mavic, and the other, an identical model, totally over-cluttered with about 300 apps, but also DJI Go4 in case there’s a problem with the dedicated one.
Never had the app crash once on either phone.

I always(!) use the phones in airplane mode with the MP, to prevent some notification interrupting things (or knowing about firmware updates that it will keep reminding me about!)… although, on the few occasions when I have forgotten airplane mode, and had notifications/alarms, the DJI app has never crashed.
My two phones are over 2 years old, mid range/spec (£200 each) … never been a problem.

Cheers OzoneVibe. I’ve got my other halfs s5 if I need it.
Just hope that will be up to the job. Like you have it will be dedicated for the Mavic. Just a couple of apps on it.

I’d imagine you can disable a lot of the background services that are running by default too?

One advantage of my phones is that they run a very basic, no-frills version Android. They don’t have any of the bloatware often associated with the likes of Samsung.
Though I’m reasonably sure that most of the phones that are “infected” by bloatware would be quite stable after a factory reset and only DJI Go4 installed … and not much more.

I’ve not had to, but if one’s making an Android device that’s cluttered with bloat-ware into dedicated device for the MP, it could be worth checking if the model is supported by LineageOS and installing it. https://lineageos.org/
Not guaranteed to work, of course, and flashing a new OS (and reverting afterwards if needed) isn’t necessarily for the faint hearted (me! LOL!) … but that’s mainly because I’ve been really happy with the current stock no-frills Android supplied by the maker of my phones.

(LineageOS picked up CyanogenMod when that ended - CyanogenOS was what was on my phone originally.)

Disable Service
Great app for whatever android device you get.

Lets you easily disable bloatware or system services that are unneeded.


Ah, there we go, nice one @callum :+1:t2:

Needs to be used with great care. Often difficult to know exactly what any service is really doing and what else depends upon it. You can easily end up making a device more unstable.
A clean, post factory-reset phone with bloatware can be more stable than one which has been tinkered with.

Yes definitely to be used with a degree of care.

I’ve got a few Android tablets around the house used as CCTV monitors or for home automation. Had to restart them a lot and was getting freezes and app crashes.

Used that app and with some trial and error disabled everything not needed. The tablets have been running 24/7 with display on for last 12 months without a hiccup.

Package disabler was also a good app as highlighted what was bloatware and could be disabled with one click.
Looks like that app only works on Samsung touchwiz now for some reason.

If you want to avoid crashes and freezes, and want an Android based device then I can wholeheartedly recommend the CrystalSky 5.5” monitor. If not that one and you wanted an Android tablet then take a good look at the Samsung S2 - superb screen, very very fast. I owned both sizes of the S2 before selling them to part fund my CrystalSky beauties - never overheated, never froze, high res screens.

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Hi I spent quite a lot of time investigating an android tablet and most reviews recommended the NVIDIA Shield K1 tablet.

It’s an android tablet designed for gaming so has a good GPU. Not much bloatware either.

It’s only available 2nd hand on eBay though for around £150-£200.

It’s pretty good and I’ve not experienced any crashes yet.

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I was using an android phone for a while. Worked great but the 5.2" screen was a bit on the small side.
Tried an ipad mini 2 but found that too big and heavy.
So I took a punt on a 7" Huawei Mediapad T3 and it’s worked out great.
Cheap as chips too. Argos and Amazon were selling them for £59.99 recently.
I use mine as a dedicated display for the Mavic with nothing else running.

One restriction is that you have to use Go 4 version 4.1.9 as newer versions have video feed issues with the T3.
The latest version of Litchi works too.


Bargain! Looks an ideal size too :+1:

Yeah, I’d say 7" is about spot on. The weight feels right too, not too clunky.
If anyone goes for a T3 and wants a 3D printed mount like the one I posted above, give me a shout and I’ll knock one up for you. :wink::+1:
Or if you want to print your own … Huawei Mediapad T3 7" holder for Dji Mavic drone by scobo - Thingiverse

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I’m looking for a tablet too. I think my video feed problems are due to processor speed as when I have a ‘busy’ display like corn, it breaks up but clears when it’s not as busy. My harvest video was effectively shot blind!

Currently using Lenovo Tab 4 10" and looking for something around £100 and running on latest Go4

I am using Acer Iconia One 7 b1-790 Android tablet. Bought on ebay brand new for £45 - someone’s unwanted gift. Its running Android 6.0 and easly handles the latest Dji Go 4 app without any issues whatsoever. This tablet perfectly fit into the Air’s controller and easy accessible micro sd slot is a bonus. I also own the Ipad mini 2 which works well too, however I am finding myself using the Acer more often due to perfect size and low weight in comparison with Ipad.


I’ve just got a Huawei M3 Lite 8" and so far it’s doing very well. I haven’t tried it in bright sunlight (what chance round here!).