What do FPV, Red Bull and downhill biking have in common?

Released today and the FPV pilot deserves a medal. He’s good!


damn… but ouch for some of those jumps!

Wow wow wow… Only a drone pilot would realise just how difficult that is. If you compare that to footage where a TV camera is placed at certain corners. That pilot really knew the course. Hats off to the person riding the bike. @clinkadink come on get ya bike out, your turn.

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They’ve done a few of these. Amazing the setup to get the FPV feed all the way down the track (repeaters on other drones!)

On the other think he flew blind through a bullding chasing the bike! Lost signal. That’s guts!

What calm control to hit gap after gap after gap. How the hell does he see the trees with this live feed ?

Although that takes a hell of a lot of skill & practice & many may fail at the first hurdle, I should imagine the one thing the fpv’r would use to their advantage is, it’s easier to follow than lead, as you have a target to lock on & follow there move & reaction / reactions.

I tried this a couple of weeks ago, really hard keeping up with the rider through the trees. Gotta admit I didn’t do the rider justice he was really fast …

You know the rules or It didn’t happen :grinning:

It’s gotta be on Strava? Damn…

I bet the bike rider put it on there though…

What do FPV, Red Bull and downhill biking have in common?

I don’t do any of them. That’s what they have in common. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I posted on instagram I think :thinking: