What do you think of the Cendence Remote Controller?

Hi guys thinking of getting this for my inspire 2

Any thoughts?

Not sure what Barry @BCF used on his?

Also pinging @Jcborden and @Blacksails as the other Inspire flyers I know of :slight_smile:

Cheers im wondering if to buy this with the CrystalSky

I can vote for the CS Ultra - worth every penny!

I can actually SEE stuff now :sunglasses:

The only thing to put me off is the no other apps

what do you use it with?

what did you use before?

I came from an iPad Mini 2. The difference is just night and day. Crazy long battery life on the CS too.

You can run some other apps on there, and Litchi works (pain in the arse to install tho) but give it time, it’ll come good :slight_smile:

I didn’t have the Inspire 2 - mine was the Inspire 1 Pro and I used the standard RC.

I’m with @PingSpike re this. I came from an iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, and a Samsung S2 - none of them hold a patch on the CrystalSky re picture quality and visibility.

My 5.5 CS is perfect for portability with the Mavic and Spark, and I’m looking forward to Monday when, after a wait of almost 3 weeks, I can open up my 7.85 CS and benefit from a larger image when needed (eg with Litchi).

If anyone is concerned re the lack of apps on the CS - it’s coming! There is currently a convoluted workaround to get Litchi up and running, and you can easily install a number of free apps but the fact that there is no bloat ware combined with the fact that it’s a dedicated monitor for DJI drones makes it all worthwhile IMHO.

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Thanks its always good to hear from users

Do you use it just for hobby or commercial?

I haven’t used the Cendence and have now sold my Inspire 2 :frowning: however still frequent the RCGroups Inspire 2 forum. From what I can see, as with a lot of DJI stuff, it is pretty good now and will be great once they work out the bugs and finish the firmware so that all promised functionality is present.

if you don’t mind me asking what made you sell your inspire 2?

No problem, just couldn’t get enough commercial work to justify all the kit cost, insurance etc. So have gone back to flying and photo/video for my own pleasure with the Mavic.

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Thanks im going for my PFCO this Jan and im starting to think will it be worth it
seams you really need to find your market and can be very hard to do it full time
as more and more people are under cutting everyone and de valuing our skills.

Yes it certainly seems to be getting more difficult to get a stream of reasonably well paid work. I was only doing it as a part time venture with a friend but we struggled to get much paid for work. We tried specialising is sports after a while (mainly ended up doing grass track racing). Got some great experience, but no real money in it and that type of work was very hard on the kit (lots of flat our flights, dust etc).

Still if you can find your niche it can work, just that niche might cost more to get into both kit and knowledge wise, e.g surveying, thermal etc.

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