What does Payload on DJI-RC mean

Hi, what does the payload button do on the DJI-RC?
The reason I ask is I quite often fly in woods and use propellor guards.
Thanks … Rod

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Send a screenshot of the payload button with the drone connected to the RC as I suspect the option will not be there when it is connected

Thanks, I will tomorrow

Payload Mode is an automated feature that detects added weight
This weight could be from propeller guards or any other payloads you may have added. Once detected, you will get a notification, and the drone’s flight will be limited in terms of altitude and range.


@Raider Thanks Mick, I just wondered as I sometimes use propellor guars when I fly in the woods.

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Thanks … Rod

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Thanks, @Raider has answered my question, but thanks anyway.


That will be great, Welcome to the family Rod :+1:

Did you do the test to see if payload mode is available with the drone connected :thinking:

Thanks, Have not looked yet, wife has given me too many jobs to do :unamused:

@Sparkyws I am now an Insured member :grinning: