What happens if someone rings my phone while I'm flying?

In the description of this section it says there are no stupid questions

I may be about to prove that wrong.

I connect my phone to the controller then to the drone.
I then press the phone screen to fly.

If I’m flying and happily filming the countryside what happens if someone phones me?
Now, I understand the drone won’t answer for me but what will happen?

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Your phone will ring.


Which is why everyone flies with their phone in airplane mode :slight_smile:

Some people use a dedicated (offline) phone/tablet where possible, for this very reason too.


But it’s not an aeroplane, it’s an UAV! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was thinking more in regards to the drone.

I have a few reasonably newish phones knocking around in work I could test for a few years.

The drone will carry on doing whatever your controller is telling it to do.

If you’re pushing forwards on the stick, you’ll keep going forwards.

And your phone will still be ringing :smiley:

That’s fine cuz she will only be nagging :rofl:

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Tell her you have to put it in airplane mode :grimacing:

I have a problem there. I thought a Samsung watch was a great idea but it will ring if my phone is off. Bloody hell, no wonder she let me have it.

Seriously, thanks. I just wasn’t sure

This is THE funniest thread I’ve read !!! Talk about tongue in cheek all round - brilliant :joy: :joy:
Cheered me up no end - well done that man.

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I should qualify the above by admitting that, as my mrs is foreign I often take liberties - hence she believes that " if you phone me when I’m out flying the drone will crash" - she hasn’t twigged I use an iPad on the controller :joy: I know, I know - my bad lol


I’ve found with the Samsung s20 if the phone is in use and in landscape mode, when someone rings it automatically goes to speaker mode and leaves what ever is on the screen there to be viewed. :ok_hand:


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I will experiment and report back… if this weather ever let’s up…

Although I do have a 10 inch Samsung Tab.



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I’d stick with your tablet then, better for viewing purposes too.



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Another option to consider would be handsfree kit? Earpods/headphones then your phone calls run in the background. :thinking:

Bang it in flight mode and enjoy the peace.


That’s OK if you’ve pre-cached the Google maps for your area.
I keep my mobile data on, but it is a dedicated tablet and nobody knows the phone number :laughing: :laughing:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually have 2 Samsung tablets and a S10.
Both tablets are the better half’s castoffs. :money_mouth_face: :moneybag: :money_mouth_face:

Although DJI don’t list the TAB A i assume it will be fine to use?


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I did warn you all I am good at asking stupid questions.

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Depends which app do you use? DJI fly or GO4 ?

I don’t think the Tab A is compatible with FLY unfortunately. Could be wrong.


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Looks like a new tablet is on the cards then.

Both Tablets are Tab A s :sob:

#lookslikethekidsgetnoinheritancethen :rofl:

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