What is DJI Assistant?

Well, after so long without asking anything, I thought it was about time I let you educate me again. I’m finally coming into 2019 and buying a pc. I know, talk about being a bit slow. Anyway, read alot about dji assistant, what does it do, what’s benefits of it? Also any other good drone, photo editing things I should have on my pc.

DJI Assistant 2 helps with updating firmware to the drone and the batteries. You can also re-calibrate the sensor if it is required. It’s extremely fiddly and frustrating doing this so only do it if you need to. You can also factory reset from here. I rarely use it but it’s good to have just in case.
As for photo and video editing you will get a lot of recommendations from members based on their own personal preferences. For me I use Cyberlink Powerdirector for video as I find it less resource hungry, and Lightroom for photos.
Davinci Resolve is a favourite of others. Adobe Premiere is the big daddy but the most expensive and resource hungry.
Other editing software is available, you will need to find the one that you prefer yourself and won’t slow your machine to a snails pace.

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Thank you. I think I will download dji assistant, probably won’t use it tho, but there just incase. I know my father uses light room for his photography, Ill probably try that first as he can help me. Thanks again.