What is the punishment for flying a drone in a car park at night?

I am completely new to drones. Recently got my license and flew the drone briefly this evening in a car park. I have a feeling there are most likely cameras in there. I flew it low and just wanted to make sure it flies correctly etc. Do you think I will get into trouble for this?

Doubt it. There are bigger concerns in the big wide world than someone having a quick flight in the dark.

Best to fly where you ARE allowed though - and when it is legal again. :slight_smile:


I hope so! What do you mean by legal again?

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Did you pay for the parking ?

More than of getting nabbed for that


Haha! I did not but it is open in the evening. After leaving I realised there are probably cameras in there so I am just concerned I am going to get into trouble!

What drone ?

The Mavic Air 2.

As long as you follow the drone code and any current restrictions all will be good

Don’t give anyone any more reason that they need.

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What about the car park? Do you think I will receive a letter or something in the post?

Not if you were parked legally.


The worst thing that would have happened is a security guard might come along and tell you to stop it. You aren’t going to be getting something in the post about it.


Not supposed to be flying during current lockdown - though a lot of people seem to ignore it …


Believe me, as a serving copper who works in a control room at the moment prioritising emergency calls, someone flying a drone in a car park at night would be the LAST job on my list to get seen. Ever. If I’m brutally honest, knowing we’re never going to get there within the battery life of a normal drone flight anyway, I’d most likely just shut the job without even trying to resource it.

Unless the car park happens to be next to a prison, of course :wink:

As the other posters have said, stick to the law to be on the safe side, but don’t worry about the boys in blue coming down, they’ll always have more urgent things to be doing.


Or Gatwick airport :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:


if you parked a car and didnt buy a ticket then you may get a letter, otherwise all is good.

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If you are there at night and see a sign in the car park about dogging - it has nothing to do with taking your 4 legged friend with you on your flight…


Does the car park have enforcement by ANPR cameras?

I am not entirely sure Markas!

@DroneGeek Haha!

If you are running a drone business then i guess there is still scope for flight either on an actual job or out there obtaining footage for your portfolio.