What is the tray with my DJI P3?

Hi All.
I received a DJI P3 today, it is secnd hand, I havent had a P3 before so I am a bit ignorant to it, although most of the parts are common sense and straight forward, under my drone in the backpack is a thing that is like a Tray. can anybody please tell me what this is and where it goes. Thank You.

Got a photo @tankie1rtr ?

Sounds like the camera protector you put on when not in use

Hi PingSpike.
Here you go mate. Photos of the Tray thingymajig.

Not that mate, ?

That looks like a particularly ineffective sunshade for a mobile phone when mounted on the controller. Ineffective because it’s white

But I’m not sure the cutouts to allow the phone mount to grip are quite right


Id guess so too, looks like anyone of these

Doesnt look like that ? Its a mystery, Whatever it is, I wont be using it lol. Its not very wide only about 6" ?

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