What Postman Pat Delivered Today

I ordered this case the week after taking delivery of my Mavic and Goggles, The case arrived today and I’m really impressed with the quality and strength. It has four locking clips and can also take two padlocks!


Nice case, looks really solid!

Great use of the space in there too, they’ve not wasted any of it, nice one :smiley:

I’ve got to come up with somewhere to put the spare props, I don’t want to just throw them on top of everything. I’ll cut a slit maybe?

That’s the one I have - superb for storage and transportation.

Looks neat :+1:

They are here…:grin:

On charge right now, I’ll test the Night Hawk Pro first followed by the Eflite Opterra 2.4GHz, Volantex Ranger EX 5.8GHhzV2, and Tarot Ironman 650 2.4GHz. I’ll hookup the OCUSYNIC Air System after a good read.

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Shiny :star_struck:

Let us know how you get on!

I’ve got the goggles tuned to the Night Hawk Pro and the Volantex Ranger, the Ranger Vtx is an immersionRC normal band.
The process took a while, I couldn’t get it to tune away from 5.8xx the immersionRC Vtx is set at 5.7xx. I read the manual but I couldn’t find any instruction on how to; I went into the HD menu which has the option of 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and a combined 2.4-5.8GHz I selected the combined then went back out to the Analog menu.
I hit scan and the the scan started from 5.6 this time which then found my channel. I haven’t been able to tune into my 3rd party 2.4GHz, I’m not sure whether I ‘m doing something wrong or 2.4GHz is for the Ocusync Air System only which I have and I’ll set it up tomorrow.