What range are you getting?

Hi all. What range are we getting? It will go straight up to 300m no problem up cannock chase. Tried it in my moms garden and after about 3/4 of a mile radius wise it came up weak signal. Was a Built up area though.

What drone we talking mate?

Mavic pro.

Probably about right if you’ve lots of local wifi interference mate :+1:

2 miles

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99% of the range is going to depend on where you’re flying. If you’re heading out over nothing but fields you’ll get a decent range (as in, miles) but if like you say @plazmapete007 you’re in a built up area you’ll get a ton of interference.

I’m wondering this myself. In the past, with my previous Mavic Pro(s) and controllers, I had never seen a weal signal message. Normally I stick within the 450m radius and 140m height. However, I did experiment with greater distances and when in Norfolk flew out about a mile or more.

New replacement drone and controller have given me weak signal messages at 200m yesterday, and the controller gave an error message and dropped the video signal. I was surrounded by (leafless) trees at the take off point but flying near/over a golf course.

Today I experimented with extending the range over open fields where I do my testing and also got a warning at 60m high 700m distance when there were trees between me and the drone.

Does this sound unusual? Any settings I should check? Any tests people can suggest?

I should add that this isn’t the sort of thing I want to use the drone for - 400m will normally be more than enough range.

I’m often doing distance over sea and treeless green open space without any issues … especially over water.
But last evening ( Litchi by Night ), from the top of a hill I was getting issues at 500m, but … (a) there were a few leafless tress between me and the drone and (perhaps more significantly) (b) I was over a city with a million wifi ap 60m below me.

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Interference from WiFi is a killer in the safe way as mobile phone towers, as they both use the 2.4ghz band. If you can get away from these you should see a big improvement. My Mavic 2 Pro easily hits the 1 mile mark in rural areas. The only other thing you can do is to double check the antennas on the TX are properly oriented and unobstructed. I have seen tablet computers right over the antennas which will massively affect performance. Remember 2.4 ghz can carry a lot more info than say 72mhz, but has much less penetration power on the same TX output (wattage).