What’s your favourite drone?

I purchased this one around 5 months ago and finally took it out for a fly last Sunday. It is amazing. Looks awesome and flies just as awesome. I have had a Mavic Pro a little longer and that had its second flight on Sunday to… I’ve been flying the Hubsan 501 previously but plucked up the courage to fly these other two now.


Jesus Andy, you took long enough to fly them !, I would have well broken them in before now !.
Sod what people think, just get out there and fly the buggers!.

Thanks Chris. I think I was worried about flying them as I am new to the drone scene. Now I have flown them I’m spoilt for choice. I’ll have to take all three out together I guess.

I have been flying drones now for some 5 years, since they really become a useable photographic tool.
Your enjoyment is what matters, sod what others think.
I have flown all over the world and had some great experiences in doing it.
Yes, I do look more carefully where I fly these days, but, the “drone code” is your friend.
Stay within its confines and no one can stop you from flying.
I always look at where I would like to fly, then look at any problems that I am likely to encounter in doing so.

What is it @Airwolf-1 looks very nice :+1:

Looks like a Typhoon H Pro to me?

Haha! Looks like it’s got a camo helmet in the second picture!

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This one is the Typhoon H Pro from Yuneec. Amazing camera and abilities when filming or taking pictures.


Spot on Chris. :ok_hand:

It does ash doesn’t it. :joy:

Typhoon H advanced drone @ Jessops ??

Views please

That looks like the Yuneec C23 camera Andy - Nice :sunglasses:

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Right now it’s my source one quad from unmanned tech. That thing is seriously tough! So much so I’m gonna probably build a second

Following that it has to be the dingo 5”

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I’m happy with my mavic pro at the moment. As I’m a hobbiest it does what I need it to do. :+1:

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I have only had the Mavic Pro but i am really happy with it.


Same here - but, added to that, financially I can’t contemplate changing it … so, that I’m happy with it is rather good news. :wink:


exactly the same @OzoneVibe Can`t warrant upgrading to the new one.

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Thé Mavic Pro seems very popular. I do have one also and I agree with you guys, it is one serious piece of kit. I myself wouldn’t swap it for the 2 or zoom.

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