What should people look for in a second hand Mavic?

What would people recommend to look for in a second hand Mavic?

Is this good or bad:

  • It’s had 139 flights.
  • 70,000 m.
  • 11 hours 52 minutes flight time.

Where is this data from? If it’s from the app, it may not be accurate as you can remove flight details from it.

I would look at the battery health, physically and on the app.

I would fly the drone if it’s possible. Check the gimbal on start up.

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I wouldn’t say thats bad at all. I have around 15hrs logged on mine after deleting some flights and 226,900m, 73 flights. I’d say mine is as good as new :rofl:

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As others have said, check the drone carefully for any signs of damage, especially around the gimbal.

Check the battery(s) in the app for number of cycles and voltage/health etc. (I read somewhere and will try dig out that life expectancy is only about 200 cycles).

Fly it if you can, make sure all modes work and that it sits still on a normal hover.

Ask if there is any Airdata logs available?

Perhaps ask the seller if he is willing to teach you the basics, I did when I sold my Phantom, that way the buyer got to see it fly for a couple of hours and do everything that it was supposed to do.


Again checking logs mine has 37hrs, 370km and 209 flights and looks and flies like new (the controller still has the screen saver too).

As long as it looks like it it has been looked after its only like buying a used car (minefield).



Air logs are next to worthless I’ve gone for months without updating mine. Then updated the CS clearing them all.

You cant beat hands on … Check condition of the drone. Look for knock chips dents or cracks. Find any walk away.

Look at the number of prop being offered including in the sale …If theres an odd number perhaps one had to be replaced after a rough landing ?

Fly the done if you can or take someone with you who can fly it.

Check gimbel on start up and recalibrate a few times re cycle the power on the drone a few times.

Check general condition of batteries, look for swelling. Look at the condition of the batteries in the app. I think its more important to ask when if was last flown rather than worrying about the number of charge cycles. Batteries shouldn’t be left uncharged for months on end. Nor should they be stored fully charged.

Ive bought 4 drones secondhand …All without issue…


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For the valuable comments.

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