What to do in high sunlight?

Hi. I did a quick search and couldn’t find any answers.
I am a noobie to this and also had some crappy weather since purchasing my DJI Mini 2.
Last week I went to Jersey for a break and - on the 1 day we got decent sunshine - headed to a quiet beach to take some photos and video.
I have an iPhone XR - so a medium sized screen. When I boughtt he drone I also bought a MATT screen cover for the phone as I thought this would help with reflection etc.
But - last Thursday it was very bright. I pushed the phones brightness up as far as it would go, but I still struggled with seeing exactly what I was doing.
I do have a hood, but even that didn’t help very much.
Any tips? Not sure even a larger screen would have helped me.
I wear glasses too - with sun reactive lenses … so that probably didnt help.

You’ve limited options really, you can’t make your screen any brighter :confused:

Unless you’re willing to put several hundred quid towards a Smart Controller (1000nits), or a Tripltek (1200nits) or CrystalSky (2000nits) tablet.

Stand in the shade under some trees or behind a wall?

Or stand with your back to the sun and use your body as a shade.

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I bought a smart controller - never regretted it.

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I agree with @PingSpike you either spend a fortune or find shade to stand in , I really struggle with apple screens in sun and find Android better , personally I use a Heuwai mediapad M5 lite 8inch screen with a good quality mat screen protector and screen brightness at full .

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Long story short, a motor burnt out mid flight over a large field with at least 12 inch crops. No GPS. No DVR.

Used a DJI mini 2 to search for it and took about 6 hours…

Standing on the edge of the field with no shade, I could barely see any images.

In the end I put a large blanket over my head and flew the drone from underneath it.

Very effective but don’t be surprised if someone gets concerned if they see you standing there for hours :sweat_smile:

Take umbrella and lay down in field :rofl:

Not helped now that a recent iOS update seems to automatically dim the screen when the phone gets hot!