Whats the betting

Whats are the chances ,that now 400FTis the legal altitude limit in almost every country,that DJI will roll out a firmware update to do just that,limit all drones to no more than 400FT AGL. Your thoughts ?

Entirely possible… they’ve done far worse than that in the past :rofl:

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Possible but then they would have a headache trying to administer a system for those that do have permission to fly over 400ft.

You also have ground elevation changes so a hard limit would cripple some flights.

Can’t see it happening.

And the default max height is 400ft ( well for my MA) and if you change that to a higher number it warns you against this and makes you tick the box making you responsible. So I think that DJI have dealt with there obligations

Probably not. Ground isn’t level. They’d need a MASSIVE ground height database for THE WHOLE WORLD. That wouldn’t be feasible/practical/viable/cheap enough.

Your MP2, Sir! That will be £1,250.
Thank you, Sir!

Now, before you can fly your new toy, you need to buy this 10TB SSD with the global terrain data. That’s another £1,250!
Pardon Sir?
Where can I stick it?


LOL you could well be rite,but could it not read the barometric pressure when the the drone takes off,and then set that as your ground level?Have to say Brian b may well be correct,you have to tick a box,taking responsibility for your flight,though cant say ive seen that on my app even at 1600 FT,

That’s fine for height above takeoff …. not above ground level.

Double checked to make sure I was right! it mentions FAA rather than CAA but the height is the same - see photos below


Hiya Brian B tried to see if that message came up on go 4 app for me,no sign or warning,went up to 1800FT,and nothing,maybe its in the mavics firmware??

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Yes, it could be - only comes up if you try to change - what height do you have set to maximum on the app?