What's underneath the .... underneath of the MP

No “modification” yet …. but I got curious as to what’s under the belly-plate of the MP. So, I took it off.

I usually reduce the size of such pics, rather than post full-sized DSLR images. In PS, it’s Ctrl+Alt+I … and missing the Alt I got the “Invert Colour” function. Just posted because it looks …. cool? :man_shrugging:


Looks Dave like lots of heat sink type compound/paste around there !.

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Hardly surprising when the outside of the belly-plate is all fins. :wink:

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Is that plate a cast aluminium material?.

It’s all back together now, but I don’t think so. I doubt there’s massive amounts of heat to disperse, and even the finned plastic belly-plate will achieve quite a bit.

Interesting… I do like a good teardown :+1:t2:

Did you removed those three screws to peer under the main board? I’m curious as to what’s under there now too :blush:

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There are so many ribbon cables onto it, as well as the co-ax top-right, that I wasn’t going to go any further.

Also - since I don’t have any heat-sink paste (on my shopping list) I wanted minimal disturbance so that the existing paste would do something.

I’ll need to remake those sinks when I have some paste.

What is interesting, I think I’ve worked out that DJI include several anti-tamper tricks.
When I took the top cover off (some time ago) I noticed that one of the hex-drive screws had some glue in the hex. Same on the bottom plate. Now this isn’t so unexpected or tricky.

However, I (and two other people I know of) have had a problem getting out the same hex screw on the top plate, and I had the same problem with one hex-drive screw on the bottom plate. One of the hex-holes is slightly over-sized … and a standard 1.5mm hex drive fails to work easily. (Solved by leaning the hex at an angle and using it more as a key.)
Done some googling, and other people have had problems with the exact same two screws (one top - one bottom).

That is damned sneaky!


No - not mine - from a YouTube.

Actually, this semi-timelapse YT is rather good. Quite short and internals labelled. (And nobody’s talking over it! :+1: )


loved watching that :astonished:
looks upgradeable inside, I’m sure there will be mods going on :wink::nerd_face::grin:

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