Whatsapp on controller DJI RC or DJI RC Pro ? Y/N

Would love to share images after a flight easily. Has anyone installed whatsapp on a controller… or can it. After a flight rather then bluetoot to phone and send it would be good to send straight from controller. Or is there a better way to share… like an instant share rather transfer to phone

IMO, the biggest consideration would be interruptions of incoming messages.

I, and quite a few people, use a dedicated drone-phone with the absolute bare essentials - and I don’t even have a SIM - for that very reason.

Each to their own, of course.

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As like I do with the phone when I do not want to be distracted I would unload when I was flying. Would not use it whilst flying.

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Another reason for the dedicated drone-phone. Nothing to remember to have to do before most flights. aka - nothing to forget.


Which controller?

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DJI Smart Controller is one of them

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What’s the other?

DJI RC I believe. It is the £800 ish one that is for the Mavic 3

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And the one that comes with the MINI 3 if you choose the screen option

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That would be the DJI RC and the DJI RC Pro.

Understand its not possible to add apps to the DJI RC but it is possible to add apps to the DJI RC Pro by side loading them. Don’t have a DJI RC Pro but a Google search will probably find the method :+1:

PS - Edited the title to help the search engine :+1:


I’m the same as others here, I use still the DJI RC-N1 with dedicated phone without SIM a Samsung note 8 with most apps removed or disabled with just the apps I need to fly the Air 2s and fantastic bright and smooth.

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As stated above the DJI RC is locked down and you can not install any other Apps

On the DJI smart controller, you can side-load apps

Have a look Here

But…With the latest releases of the DJI app no images are stored on the device, you have to transfer them with the quick transfer tool

So it makes no difference which device you use you still have to get the images to it

So you might as well just transfer the ones you want to your phone that already has the apps on that you need for social media :+1:

Why not put Dropbox on your controller? You can easily download the APK for it and Bob’s your Uncle…

Never thought of that :thinking:, you saying that @Allan_1970 I wonder can google cloud and select the album you want to sync over data and have it set to sharing work also, this would able you to not have to think about it, wonder can be automatic message telling your contact there’s new images. Otherwise just send a link via WhatsApp when your starting.

Sounds so easy the above that no doubt someone say cannot be done or have a better idea.

I have an old phone that I have spare since upgrading and I intend on doing the same.

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Yep, if you can find the apk installation file by navigating to it on the controller with Firefox…etc, you can install it and try. It is based on an android os anyway, kind of like a tablet in essence…

Nothing stops you from having a go!

Dropbox is not free is it?

Installed and works.

So going on with a similar thing… Has anyone ever (or would it be possible) to send a live feed over the net. For example an app that would just stream the video live (using the drone camera like it would with a general android camera)…

Just thinking…