When does a Hobby, become an obsession?

So, when does a hobby become an obsession?.
Not that I am obsessed (I have had my mental test recently!)
Should I finally part with some of my early drones (which are in perfect working order!) just to raise the capital for a MP2 !.
Or, do I just add to the collection?.

Mods!, where’s me fleet operators badge !!

I wonder if its possible to fly them all at the same time and get a picture of it !, now there’s a challenge !!!
Just hovering that is !


I’m saying nothing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I can give you one or two answers to that one.

  1. When you spend over two grand on something that the the other half considers as a toy.

  2. When you’re constantly looking at the weather forecast.

  3. When you invite half a dozen total strangers to your house.

  4. When you find YouTube Drone tutorials more interesting than anything on the TV.

  5. When you spend more on a backpack than the missus spends on a hand bag.

  6. When you’re researching holidays and more concerned about the Drone laws there than how many stars the hotel has.


Great answers!

These are all so true mate
My wife just comes into my computer room, looks at the Mac and places a cuppa tea or a vodka on my desk then closes the door…man cave wins


number 6 is definitely one I go for !

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A long time ago :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Yorksnproud - you’ll never be able to spend more on a backpack than a woman can get ripped off for a handbag.

Should read:- when you blow megabucks on the missus to stop her wingding .


Get another one. You’re my evidence and justification for when my other half says ‘what do you want another one for - you’ve only got the two hands’.


Your so right Dave

in a galaxy far far away?

and i bet that doesn’t include your disco stuff… @chrisjohnbaker

How did you know I ran a mobile disco???

Anyone need a party !!

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ever the dance floor filler i see
must be a wedding bet it picked up when you played agado
then Motown…

It was taken at 11.30 pm, after most of them had gone home (pissed) !!!, thanks god I only had to endure it another 30 mins Jeff !!

Now… all I need is 7 bookings… then order MP2 and wallah !!!

Or look at the thread on the end of the mavic

opps you already have


I can relate to every single one of those :rofl:

Well, except # 3, a few GADC members have been round for a :coffee: but only one at a time (so far) :smiley:

But yes, brilliant answers Dave!