When you have the wrong channel on your goggles

I had the wrong channel selected on my goggles and flew blind for a few moments. My get out was to turn my head and throttle up. Please can I get a Buttock Clencher badge?

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I know the feeling and its definaty a buttock clenching moment. No opportunity of letting go of the sticks to gather your thoughts or RTH like the DJI stuff.

Last time I had a break up like that I crashed and couldn’t find it.

Buttock Clencher Badge granted.

Cheers man. I was 2 seconds from dumping it. Hey ho!

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Good thinking getting some altitude.

Problem was, I always go on race band ch1. But their was no picture. So cycled through channels and channel 3 was ok. It faded at 25mw so bumped up to 800mw. But I recently flashed bf 4.02. For some reason, it changed the vtx to fatshark ch1??? Didn’t think it would affect the vtx. Unless something else went haywire. At least I know now to check via smartaudio what I’m transmitting at.

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