Where are you flying on the weekend of 24/04/21

It appears that we will have fantastic weather over the weekend. Where will you be flying over the weekend?

Layer Marney Towers - Tudor palace in Essex. The owners have very kindly agreed to open it up so I can fly around to my hearts content for a while. i’m thinking three batteries may not be enough :smiley:


Get yourself a decent fast charge power bank, 1 will charge while you fly the other 2 if you avoid sports mode (that’s what I do)

Good shout. Didn’t think of that. Missus has got a 20.000 mAH power bank. Well, she did have. It’s now in the Dronesack :ok_hand: :+1:

Just make sure it’s got fast charge otherwise you’ll still be there next week

Hopefully Bodmin Moor, love the place! :sun_with_face:

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Haven’t decided yet, maybe you guys can throw some suggestions.
I’m in the West Country. :smiley:

Well, this Saturday is national go-and-trespass-somewhere day, so if I can find somewhere good to do that, I’ll take my drone along as well.



I read their "Letter to Landowners’ and was clapping all the way though until I got to the bottom and saw the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ logo and thought…oh, ffs. That’s ruined that.

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They are planning some non-XR related trespass events for the summer, I believe.

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Sussex/Hants border no flying this weekend - too windy, 25kts gusting 35! Tuesday looking good.