Where Do You Fly? Help create the Great Grey Arrows Map of the UK!

The Grey Arrows Drone Club is all about flying drones in the UK. Let’s face it we’ve got a fabulous country in which to fly but knowing where is the key to full enjoyment of our hobby. So we need a list of these places that will be available to all …but we need your help to create it.

How do you help? Simple. Add any great places you’ve found to fly from, either locally or on your travels, to this thread and we’ll include it in the list (and eventually a map). Give as much detail as you can so it can easily be found, including co-ordinates if you like.

The Great Grey Arrow Map of the UK will be split into four sections; not surprisingly -
We’ll sub-divide these further (north-west, south-east, etc.) as required.

So, to set the ball rolling, I’ll add:

Richmond Park, Surrey. Flying in the main park is not allowed but there is a designated Flying Field for model aircraft which can be used. Car parking is available at Sheen Gate.
Newlands Corner, Drove Rd, Albury, Guildford GU4 8SE. This spot in the beautiful Surrey Hills is supposed to be a good flying location. Parking available at the Newlands Corner Visitors Centre.
N.B. I have yet to visit both these locations personally but they have been recommended on another forum.

Over to you! Add as many locations as you can so we can build this list into a really useful club resource.

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All South. :slight_smile:
Brighton seafront:
Waterhall, outskirts of Brighton:
Devil’s Dyke:
Chanctonbury Ring:
Stanmer Park, Brighton:
Brighton Marina:

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Cool, thanks @Peter. Looks like the south is winning over the north for the moment. :wink:

I’ve got relatives in Worthing, I’ll have to check out these locations.

Great idea!

North West
Wigan Flashes / Canal
I’ve dropped a pin on a map to show you where to park: https://goo.gl/maps/yG2HNVG7wNJ2
Great big wide open spaces to fly, lots of forests, lots of lakes, lots of canals - you’re spoilt for choice.
Here’s a pic from my Mavic at the flashes, I spend waaaayyy too much time here (walk the dog here every day too):


Cheers, mate. Looks beautiful - maybe a little too much water to make me feel safe. :wink:

Score one for the north!

Foots Cray Meadows is a good place

Also been to Beachy head but didn’t film a lot while there



Whitley Bay Beach / Lighthouse
Tynemouth Beach
Tynemouth Priory

With all that sand around there is a lot of hand launching going on. There are some nice places to fly but Newcastle has an airport and the planes are put in holding circles over the coast so you have to be careful.

If you are ever headed up North I think Northumberland or the Lakes would be a better bet

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Thanks, @AllatSea, good to see you here. :slight_smile:

Midlands and surrounding areas here

Thanks @RaRaRasputin. Any specific places?

Just starting out to be honest, hunting for places - There are a few castles, resevoirs, country parks, etc

Will add them as I find them or shoot them.

That’s great. Add them here as you find them. This map will build up over time so there’s no rush.

I’m actually searching for a script to create an interactive map of the UK where our users can add photos and videos to locations/markers on the map

Trying to find something that ties in with Google Maps so users can use all the normal functionality of Google Maps, such as getting directions to / from places as well.

Will pop it on a site once figured out and it can then be used in the forum. Details to follow :slight_smile:

That’d be really useful, @RaRaRasputin. If we could have a map that could be easily updated (by staff or members) and displayed that’d make this an invaluable information resource.

OK, I have found the script I want to use and I’m currently tweaking it.

As a starter, I need to set-up some categories to filter the results by, which of course can be expanded/changed as the site gets contents on the map.

Currently I have the following filter categories set-up:

  • Parks & Recreation
  • Forests & Trees
  • Pools, Lakes & Reservoirs
  • Bridges
  • Castles & Buildings
  • Statues & Monuments
  • Places of Worship
  • Wind Farms
  • Beaches & Oceans
  • Everything Else

Have I missed any obvious ones ?

Will also be able to filter by UK Region

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Looks like that covers most things.

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That’s a great starter for ten!

We can always expand it as we get more content I guess?

Canals would probably fall under the water category (reservoirs etc). I forget the word / name now as I’ve had a few glasses of :wine_glass: but old buildings? Castles, stately halls, that kinda thing?

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Yes, pretty comprehensive list. A few suggestions:

Not sure what is meant by ‘Pools’. Swimming pools, ponds? How about -

  • River and canals
  • Lakes and Reservoirs

Castles & Buildings covers a very broad area. Is that all buildings? I suggest -

  • Historic Buildings
  • Ancient Monuments (could replace Statues & Monuments)
  • Modern Buildings

Instead of Beaches & Oceans (UK has more channels and seas than oceans) how about -

  • Coastal scenery
  • Beaches and/or seaside resorts

Some others I’d add to the mix:

  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs)
  • Natural Wonders (covers iconic landscapes and ancient sites)

Other than that should we consider listing places where environmental organisations like the National Trust, English Heritage and various wildlife trusts control drone flying, etc?

All in all a great start.


Will amend the list today - Thanks guys.