Where in Stoke on Trent can I fly?


i am new to drones I have 2 but where in stoke on trent can I fly it m 78 years old

Portsdown Hill - Added to Modern Buildings in the South East region on the map at DroneScene.co.uk

Hi Brian

I moved your post here, since it’s rather a long way from the location being discussed in the thread you initially posted.


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Hi Brian, if you have some transport, you don’t have to travel to far, to find so good open spaces ?


yes jim i have transport, i sent email to local councils to fly in local parks but they said no,i also sent trentham park a email if i could fly in the old quarry they said no. thanks jim.


councils always say no to anything unless its a bribe lol


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Which drones do you have mate?

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viper pro


They may own the park, but, not the air above it.
Take off from out of the park, and fly to your hearts content, I would.
I recently was approached by two security guys who said “ you are not allowed to fly that here” soooo… I left the bird up, walked off there property onto a public road (they followed me) they then asked me to land.
“I am not flying on your land” .
Words then passed between us, and I produced various paperwork in defence.
After which they disappeared, and I carried on flying over their land!.


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thanks for your information, brian,


Hi Brian, you may need to travel a little of of town, there are some nice places on our doorstep.