Where in Stoke on Trent can I fly?

i am new to drones I have 2 but where in stoke on trent can I fly it m 78 years old


Hi Brian

I moved your post here, since it’s rather a long way from the location being discussed in the thread you initially posted.


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If you haven’t already, take a look at the Map of Members and you’ll get an idea if there are other members in your neck of the wood, and perhaps one of them will be able to answer your question.

(Don’t forget to add yourself to that map : Members’ Location Map - A Guide)

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Hi Brian, if you have some transport, you don’t have to travel to far, to find so good open spaces ?

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yes jim i have transport, i sent email to local councils to fly in local parks but they said no,i also sent trentham park a email if i could fly in the old quarry they said no. thanks jim.

councils always say no to anything unless its a bribe lol


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Which drones do you have mate?

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viper pro

They may own the park, but, not the air above it.
Take off from out of the park, and fly to your hearts content, I would.
I recently was approached by two security guys who said “ you are not allowed to fly that here” soooo… I left the bird up, walked off there property onto a public road (they followed me) they then asked me to land.
“I am not flying on your land” .
Words then passed between us, and I produced various paperwork in defence.
After which they disappeared, and I carried on flying over their land!.

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FYI the documentation I refer to above can be found in the Members Only Section in the post “Members Information Pack”
Feel free to download and print, as you see fit.
I find that by having it with me, does give you something to refer to if confronted.

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thanks for your information, brian,

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Hi Brian, you may need to travel a little of of town, there are some nice places on our doorstep.

Hi Chris, i cant seem to find the documentation, could you put a link to it please. That be very helpful. Worth a print out to take with you

@chrishackney1985 the “GADC Member Information Pack” can be found in the #members-only category.


Feel free to download any Documents you think may be of help with your Flying.
NOTE: that some of the Documentation does not reflect the latest changes in legislation.
I will update when things settle down, and, we all know which direction things are going in !.

Thanks Rich for pointing @chrishackney1985 in the right direction !.

Don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

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I’m not Rich !, Could be a loooooong time before it’s done !, (if at all.)
Who knows ,one day they may all get their heads out of their arses, and leave us all alone !.
I personally am getting totally demoralised by it all :disappointed:.
Maybe we/I have had the better times in the past few years, before all this shit happened !.

Hi Just for information.

This is what I have been sent from newcastle under lyme council. Im not sure what arguments or legalities I can use to get them to change or get with the times.

"Good morning Ryan

Thank you for your enquiry. We have received a similar enquiry recently with regards to flying model aircraft on our land. Unfortunately we were unable to give permission for this and for the same reasons are unable to give permission for you to fly your drone on Council owned land.

The byelaws support this view:

  1. ( i ) A person shall not except in the exercise of any lawful right or privilege bring or cause to be brought into the ground any barrow, truck, machine or vehicle other than

    ( a ) a wheeled bicycle or tricycle or other similar machines;

    ( b ) a wheelchair, perambulator or chaise drawn or propelled by hand an used solely for the conveyance of a child or children or an invalid.

As far as remote control vehicles / planes / drones go we’ve taken ‘machine’ as anything powered by its’ own power source like an internal combustion engine (petrol, diesel, methanol etc.) or an electric motor. As can be seen, remote controlled vehicles are not included in the exemptions.


  1. A person shall not in the ground wilfully obstruct, disturb, or annoy any other person in the proper use of the ground or wilfully obstruct or disturb any officer of the Council in the proper execution of his duty, or any person or servant of any

    person employed by the Council in the proper execution of his duty.

The annoyance value has been construed as –

a ) the noise nuisance from the power source

   b )    the nuisance by physical presence of a machine whether in motion or not  to visitors to the site and / or wildlife

I am sorry that I cannot be of any further assistance in this matter.

Best regards


Hi Chris, I can’t seem to find the documentation either sorry. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.

You will not find it until you become a Full Member.
You are at the moment only a basic member on your status.

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