Where to capture autumn colours in South England

I was wondering where you guys go to capture autumn colours in the South of England 50-150 miles from London.

I was planning to visit New Forest in Hampshire but read drones are not allowed.

Appreciate if members can suggest a few places where we can fly drones legally.



Have a start with out very own DroneScene

Thanks. Will have a look. I am also looking for suggestions in terms of places members have captured good autumn foliage footage

Do a search for Autumn might throw up some suggestions.

With your M2 (from your profile) you not as limited in the capital, but still not easy. Head up to the midlands :wink:

I was planning to visit New Forest in Hampshire but read drones are not allowed.

Hi Anibal,
This simply isn’t true, there are plenty of areas you can fly your drone in the NF.
Can I suggest you download the Drone Assist app from either the Play Store on android or the App Store on IOS. This will help you decide where it is legal or not to fly.
Hope this helps,

Or even better the aforementioned DroneScene

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I don’t agree that the Drone Scene web page is any better. Yes, it’s very useful but the Drone Assist is the official NATS source for FRZ and controlled airspace

And DroneScene uses exactly the same data set.

And it hasn’t been Drone Assist for a little while now

Just to reiterate, DroneScene uses the Altitude Angel data set


And provides a host of extra data some of which is not available on any of the other apps or websites.


Oh is that why it’s still

called Drone Assist then?

For the time being, no longer carry the NATS brand, other apps are recommended too