Where to fly my drone - Blackpool area

Hi, I’ve recently obtained a hubsan desire 502e drone but not had a decent space or area to fly it and as its my first drone I’m a bit terrified of it, I live in Blackpool so I don’t know where I can give it a good try any advice will be very welcome.

Sorry Sparky . Can’t help you in Blackpool . But dam sure the guys on here will .

Take a browse through the #where-to-fly-your-drone-in-the-uk category, also, if you’ve not seen it, check out our map of places where members have flown in the past … which, obviously, doesn’t necessarily mean they are still OK to fly and, as always, any pilot needs to check that everything’s OK before flying at any of them.

People from your area will, I’m sure, offer some ideas.

I’ve changed the thread title to entice them. :wink:

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Thanks, this is my first time with a drone, we have a lot of restrictions as I’m near the airport

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The “where you can’t fly your drone” is best answered by downloading the “Drone Assist” app … although that takes a bit of learning to interpret and get the setting to their best.

Thanks, any help is very welcome, I also feel that I selected the wrong drone, as its GPS and I’ve only got a small garden, but it only weighs 170g with battery I might have escaped the new restrictions

There’s not a lot around Blackpool or Lytham due to the airport and Warton so anything South of the tower and South of the M55 is pretty much off limits plus due to the tourist flights you have to have 10 pairs of eyes. Once you get up towards Bispham and Fleetwood just find some open space. Or get over to the wyre estuary.

What drone is it.

I suppose it’s the downside to living in Blackpool, Al’s I want is to practice flying my drone in peace, the one time I’ve flown it ,it has never left my sight and never been more than 8 foot off the ground, I need a field away from anyone to practice


Hubsan desire 502e

Just had a look at the map for my area, Blackpool is pretty much a no fly zone…

The default settings for Drone Assist can make things look worse than it really is.

Try …

  • Switch off Upper Air Space
  • Switch off Class D Air Space.
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I just zoomed into Blackpool massive blue circle with a big cross, I’ll give it a try thanks.

Blackpool airport and BAE systems Warton FRZs virtually touch then There are the runway extended NFZ to contend with. That’s the issue with Blackpoo and Lytham st Annes. On the DJI app Blackpool doesn’t show up. But it’s there.

I assume your back garden is in that blue circle.

Sparky - don’t get confused between not having to register your drone because of its weight and sticking to the Air Navigation Ordet (which all drones are subject to with regard to their use or misuse. You are still legally obliged to comply with the ANO.


Hi Sparky. I live in Blackpool almost in VLOS of the airport! Well almost.

You can fly on the beach from just before the Tower all the way up to Fleetwood. There is a small area at Granny’s bay, Lytham sandwiched in between the Warton/Blackpool NFZs which is difficult to get access to now because of substantial work on sea defences there but is a possibility.

I go quite often to Skipool Creek on Wyre Road which is good for learning as there is a lot of stuff to see and avoid! and quite interesting stuff to photograph and video. No one bothers you and there is even a large field near with public rights of way but very little public. Perhaps you should be warned that the public car park is a well known “dogging site” I just learned. So keep your drone away from that! Stanah which is further down the estuary is also quite good if rather muddy.

Kingscote & Queens Town Parks in Blackpool are also a possibility as just outside the airport NFZ and don’t get much in the way of public usage as they are just football and cricket pitches and not usually busy. Never used them but worth checking out.

Also Knott End sands is used by RC craft fliers regularly as its a large area when tide is out and not many people about. Also Wardley’s Creek is another spot similar to Skipool.

Thornton Clevelys to Rossall Beach is also quite good. Few dog walkers on the beach to avoid but again no one bothers you.

Of course now the main issue is weather. Can be too windy on the beach areas.

I have a selection of drones and kit and have just registered. Obviously we are fairly close so if you would like a trip out I am available pretty much any time. All that is needed is some dry fairly calm weather. Coming Sunday is touted to have some sun and less or no rain so maybe a possibility.

If you fancy a trip out PM me and we can sort something out. I have transport and will likely be going out somewhere as soon as there is a break in the weather so company would be a bonus.

Also I am a member of BMFA which has a large field and club house at Jameson Road, Fleetwood which is ideal for practice. I don’t think there are many drone users there at least not seen one. Probably not the best time to join as flying opportunities will be limited for a few months. The membership fee includes liability insurance so is quite good value.

Hope this helps to give a few ideas. Unfortunately we are not in a very drone friendly area.


Yes, I’m near the big asda cherry tree road, slap bang in the middle of the blue circle

I’m quite happy to take the test and register my drone, I was a it confused with it that’s all

In addition, I’m down at ramp city virtually every Saturday bored out of my brains while my lad is skating, so a meet up is possible weather permitting. regarding warton NFZ they tend to be closed on a weekend, so it is possible to fly in their FRZ just phone them first say on a Friday and get permission I have on 3 occasions and the only issue I had was a couple of weeks ago when they said they would be open from 17:00 till 22:00 on the Saturday so as long as I wasn’t airborne then I was good to fly.

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