Where to fly my drone near derby


I’ve just got my drone but can’t find anywhere where I’m alowed to fly!! Please help
I live in derby


Not thee most informative of replies, but I wouldve thought Derby to be surrounded in fab places to fly a drone.

I’ve been wanting to take mine upto Derbyshire dales for a some photo / video opportunities.

Which drone do you have ?


I have a dji mavic pro. Everywhere I call for permission says no. No parks no public places no anything! It’s very frustrating


Am I just taking it way to serious? People say go to this place but I called that place and they say absolutely not!
I just want to have some fun not cause any trouble


I usually fly in more rural areas away from parks and potentially congested public spaces altogether. (Where possible!)

Id imagine if you ask the question of many folk that believe they hold the keys to whether you can fly or not, they may errr on the side of caution themselves and say no. Possibly their decision coloured by the crud and ill founded drone publicity of late. :-1:

Is there a ban on drone flying in parks and public spaces in Derby / Derbyshire?

Do remember that they do not own the airspace. So you may not land or takeoff in these public areas (should this be the local regulations) but you can flyover these areas where the drone code is adhered to https://dronesafe.uk/drone-code/

Surely a drive out to more rural areas ought to get you more space plus some peace n quiet to allow you to enjoy your Mavic Pro ?


Thanks for the reply. I hope to find a place close by that I can fly in with out worrying about getting in trouble. Yes all parks in derby are no drone fly zones from what I can see. Same with most national trusts


Just look on the map for some where rural and drive out there, I wouldn’t be asking permission given the current climate you’re just inviting a no response.


Thanks. I think your right. I’ll give it a try


First on my list if I was down your way would be Willington Power Station early one Sunday no one about, Its been done to death on YouTube if you take a look


Ya I know the place. Thanks


I like the Hell on Earth boys, they are local to me, not everyones cup of tea


Exactly that! :point_up_2:


Also, download the NATS app. Looks all clear to the North West


Thanks I’ll download that


Hi, I’m in Derby too. I tend to get up early and go before it gets too busy. Get the golden hour :slight_smile: Been to Black Rock at Cromford. flown near my old school. Derwent Dams is a tricky one. Got a quick one in with my first drone a Hubsan 501. Dove Dale and Winnats Pass are on my list to do this year. I welcome any other suggestions. Cheers


Do you try get permission to go to those places or do you just turn up?


I just turn up but use the NATS app and as much info as I can get on my side if I’m challenged. I do have liability insurance.


Why is it so ridiculously hard to find a place to fly a tiny drone. Its crazy.


I never ask. I use NATS and common sense.


Have you ever had any problems?