Where to go to fly in Bexhill, East Sussex

Oh, deary me I am going to be a new expectant pilot on the 25th of December and I am very excited with the prospect of having a new one in the house, but I am keen to take the little one out soon after to stretch his wings (It’s a boy).

I have the NATS app which helpfully gives advice with the lovely colours of yellow and red, (my favourite is blue, clearly not theirs despite that being the colour of the environment they manage).

I then went to the local authority web site to look at the By-laws, what a miserable bunch they are. Then I thought sod it, I will take Black Rat (that’s what he’ll be christened) out to the local Rec early doors and try to miss the rush of dog walkers and insomniacs, also from my days in the army the early morning the air is calmer.

But being an ex-copper (ACAB) it is hard to be a naughty boy, I’m not risk-averse, and I can hold my own in a discussion. But am likely to tell Mr Nimby to foxtrot oscar if he comes over to moan and get the Plods onto me.

So my question is, where to go the learn along with Black Rat, does anyone have any advice or ideas.

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Hi Phil (@Trickyhicky) give us a clue and let us know where you are.

Check out Dronescene, and dump the NATS app you wont need it

I thought that was only those on motorbikes ;o) or so we were told in Leeds

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(But some are more ___ than others :slight_smile: )

The Mr Angry beating you about the head with an umbrella scenario is pretty much exaggerated. From your time in the military and the constabulary you will know that people who appear unsure of what they are doing attract attention to themselves.

When I worked in IT I soon realised that I knew just that little bit more than my unsuspecting clients and, as long as I appeared confident and smiling, I could take as long as I needed to fumble around toward a solution.

So look as if you SHOULD be where you intend to fly ( check out the area on Dronescene first), fly within the drone code and for your first flights find somewhere like a playing field or stretch of beach - somewhere open at least - and get to learn the controls. The photos will probably be boring, it may be simpler not to take any and concentrate on flying - circles, lazy eights, nose in, nose out.

Wearing hi-viz and having a conspicuous clipboard will often scare the NIMBYs away. Telling them that you are a Civil Air Authority registered pilot carrying out an autorised mission tends to keep them quiet.

Or you could go conciliatory early, explain that you are honing your skills and offer them a look at the screen so they can see what the area looks like from above.

As Chris says, let us know where you are and the GADC members local to you will have suggestions for “safe” flying areas.

And welcome to GADC!


All Traffic or as they call them now Roads Policing ossiffers (some things are never sacred for long), that being those who wear the cap of white and hold class 2 or class one driving permit and are prepared to book up their mother for failing to stop at the chippie to get their son,s dinner are Black Rat’s.

Nasty sods, hidding on the edge of the kerb in bright yellow jackets in broad daylight jumping out and harassing dyslexic motorists racing to greet their dear old nan’s arrival at A&E, who was found face down in a jar of Nivea in the bedroom yesterday morning.

Yup all Black Rats

Thanks for that guys, I can do hi-vis vest and bluff.
I reside in the sunny town of Bexhill East Sussex.

Thanks from expectant pilot Tricky

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Yo @milkmanchris, beach is defo. But I need to learn how to fly BR before I go anywhere near water.

Thanks @macspite. Will take on board what you mentioned… did I mention i have 1 of all my old truncheon / battems sorry battons

Keep it over the yellow bit

Or look for a football field or cricket pitch, they are not getting much use at the moment.


Congratulations on the new arrival, has he got your eyes?

Galley Hill is a big area - maybe try there?

Hi @DroneGeek. He hasn’t arrived yet not due till the 25th of December.
Galley Hill is apparently a no fly zone according to Rother District Councils By-Laws as are.Broad Oak Park, The Polegate and all the usual places you’d think were great locations.
As for his eyes I’m not sure if he’ll have my vluey grey eyes or his mother’s electric blue eyes. Oh and these are her eyes

Shame - of course that will more likely be not being able to take off from there - not sure they can stop you from flying over them etc.

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They can’t ;o)

Having dug my old coppers head out of the loft from among the other dusty Job paraphinalia there I think if I took off from the beach and then up and over then I believe you are right.

But taking off from the open area is a no no. I do know that you can’t drive on it by order of Rother District because I flattened it in a car chase many years ago.

I have attached a map with crummy emendations. Hum Railway. Lived here all my life and forgot that runs by very close to the beach.

After looking at that it would be a bit dodgy what with the railway and also the wind on the top there can be temperamental (just ask the dog) compared to the beach and so Galley Hill Bex … maybe not Galley Hill.

Somewhere like this would be ideal when we both go and do our initial father and drone baby steps.

What’s the issue with the railway? :thinking:

I thought that it was best practice to stay away from them…

That’s not a no then, keep your drone code distances and you’ll be fine.

Take the ex Bobby hat off and think grey, not black and white :wink: