Where to mount Strobon CREE lights on a Mavic 2?

What would the best place to mount a pair of Stubborn Cree strobes that does not interfere with the camera?

Rear legs


Would the not be a problem there folding them

I can’t because I have leg extensions,I was thinking to the rear of front legs, or just placing one over the DJI logo at the rear of the drone

Problem solved strobes mounted on the front legs facing the rear,they will fold as long as the battery is removed first

Hi, I find the Cree stobes very helpful even during the day especially against a tree line & I’m thinking of adding a couple more so I have omnidirectional sight of at least 1 strobe
Has anyone experienced compass or other interference if they’ve attached them to the body of a Mavic 2?

Thanks in advance.

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Moved your posts over to a previous thread regarding mounting on the Mavic 2 … since related and can be common answers. :+1:

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Personally, albeit on the M1P, I have two - mounted on on each of the rear arms facing downward.

This minimises that chance of any interference to anything (not that I’ve ever experienced any) and also give omnidirectional view of them.

Search the forum for “Flytron” or “Strobon”, and you’ll see other ideas in the many threads that these have generated.

… and welcome to GADC, too, Mark / @MTLakes ! :+1:

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“White” on front, “Red” on rear. Held on with Velcro. Not had any problems with sensorts. PLEASE HEED WARNING ABOUT NOT LOOKING AT THEM WHEN SWITCHING ON

Is the flash from the front one not visible in the camera shot Peter? :thinking:

Not noticed it Rich.

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I’ve tried both front and back as in your pictures and on rear legs. No issues with camera & tbh it showed up better than on the legs. Not as visible side on but 1 of the rear legs could be seen. I’m putting 4 on shortly to give omnidirectional vision but was worried about interference with compass / sensors I’d I put them on the side.
Maybe front AND back of the rear legs might work well??

Overkill I know. Too many trees near me so rather overkill than drone kill :see_no_evil:

@MTLakes I tried putting them on legs, but they didn’t allow the legs to fold properly.

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On my MP I have them fixed to the underside of the rear arms (when open) just using a a single, thin, cable-tie on each. No issues folding arms. They’ve been on there for over a couple of years now.

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I’ve got some really strong Velcro that I use to use for mounting signs with. It needs my little Morrison’s key fob card to slide in-between to take them off & stick them inside my kit bag for storage. Also means I can charge them easily too
(I can’t recall the 3M series number but a good sign writers would likely have the strong stuff & easily as good as dual lock)
I’ve seen someone using rubber bands successfully too.

My solution.


I have the air 1 and use Fire house technology. Have to put them on the battery with velcro. Recently got a cree. They are half the size of my FHT strobes but not as bright in my opinion.

Not as bright, really. That’s interesting as I thought the CREE LED’s where meant to be the brightest.
I’ve the CREE ones but wil see if there’s any comparisons made

Can’t decide whether to mount these with cable ties or velcro, anyone had any issues with either of them?