Which new drone should I get

I am considering getting a new drone a decent upgrade from the spark

As people have said the spark is not really a PfCO drone what are people’s opinion please on the Mavic pro /Mavic pro platinum or maybe something by parrot bearing in mind my budget is £900 tops

You might be able to get a mavic 2 zoom for that budget. Probably a refurbished unit. I’ve have seen them on ebay, for about 850.

Thank you for your advice but I am staying well clear of eBay I’ve had some bad experiences on eBay and I am not risking £900 on eBay

This offer is excellent value for money …

Mavic Pro Flymore Combo £649!

Yes that is exactly what I was going for except I was going to go for the platinum one

Which is £869


Still excellent value (and a better colour, imo. :wink: )

But is it going to have a short shelflife someone told me that Dji are discontinuing the Mavic pro and come a year from now it will be hard to get batteries and props

My MP is almost 3 years old. Original 3 batteries going well … as are the props. Only just on my 3rd set.

Is a Mavic pro a good enough drone for a PfCO ?

That would depend on the client’s requirements and your abilities as much as the drone.
There are huge (size and price) pro drones that can carry far superior cameras. You can have £25k in the air, and more, top end.

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Let me rephrase good enough for a PfCO for someone who is not doing it as a full time business and who is just starting out

I dear say James ,that there are probably several members on here who have done their PfCO with a Mavic Pro.

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Loads of people have used mavic pro 's for pfco flight tests and there are loads doing wedding videos with them. It’s all about the requirements of the client.


Ok so can you see a spark being used (my current drone) in a PfCO business

Probably not. I doubt the image quality is sufficient, and pretty sure clients wouldn’t take it seriously enough.


Yet it can be used for an OE

WOuld you say that the Mavic pro or the Mavic air is absolute minimum

Mavic pro. Every day of the week.
For the PfCO they are only testing to see if you can fly safely and in control, so really the harder it is to fly if you fly it well then you in theory should be able to fly anything.

Don’t you have to fly figure 8s in atti mode?

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Only if the drone being used can be put in ATTI mode. If not they Mark on your test sheet that it wasn’t tested.
That’s why I used the typhoon H for mine.


ATTI mode is not available on so many drones these days, they need to sort that out in the PfCO test.
Luckily I have 3 drones that I can still fly in ATTI.

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