Which sim to learn FPV flying?

Evening all, the last time I asked for help I received genuinely useful help. Many thanks again to those who contributed! So here I am again…
Can anyone recommend a flight sim to learn fpv flying? Preferably mac based please. I’d be grateful for any tips…

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The main ones seem to be:

Lift off
Free rider
There’s a few more as well check out JB’s video below:

Hope this helps :+1:t2:


If you are on a Mac then I’d recommend either lift off or velocidrone.

Liftoff is great for freestyle and free flight and imo feels quite realistic - I use both on my macbook

Velocidrone is great for racing.

Sadly uncrashed doesn’t work on Mac as it’s windows only.

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Many thanks guys. Could you recommend a controller too?

That’s a tough one, it depends on what your planning to use it for after the sim.

Several I recommend are:

Radiomaster TX16S (multi protocol)
TBS Tango2 (Crossfire only)
TBS Mambo (Tracer only (without adding a module))

They are high end radios but worth the investment.

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Thanks once again!

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If you are wanting to spend time on a sim before diving into realworld FPV a cheap option would be this which is around the price of an average game controller while supporting the FrSky D8 and D16 protocols most commonly used on beginner Bind N Fly Quads.

Then if you decide to progress to more advanced FPV quads the list @DeanoG60 has provided is a good starting point.

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Hi Nidge,
That’s really kind, thanks. It’s ordered and am looking forward to starting out in the fpv world!
Best wishes, Marcus


My pleasure, Paul.

Once it arrives you may may have more questions, especially with setting up with a simulator. Please don’t feel you have to struggle on your own if you do, start asking as many questions as you want and we as a community will guide you through as best we can.

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I 2nd the above statement :+1:t2: we’ll help where we can :ok_hand:t2:

More useful info - thank you very much!

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I’m humbled by all this advice - thanks guys. For sure I’ll be back!


Morning All,

Do any of you use a simulator to practive flying? something like the DRL (Save 50% on The Drone Racing League Simulator on Steam) or VelociDrone (https://www.velocidrone.com/)

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Hi Ryan Ive moved your post to another existing thread on fpv sims :+1:t2:

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Whoops, I missed this one, very sorry!

No worries :+1:t2: