Whitby DJI Mini 3 Pro


Nice one Frank :clap: :clap: :clap: I enjoyed that :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks John👍

Really nice compilation of Whitby :+1:

Cheers Steve :+1:

My old hometown, brilliant thanks for sharing

Cheers Mark :+1:

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It’s all good … but particularly like the church/abbey approach line at the start. :clap:

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Hi Frank,
Absolutely Brilliant, as a newbie that has given me inspiration to get my flying skills to that level. I hope one day I can achieve that level of skill. Really impressed, Thanks for sharing.
Cheers Mark

Held my interest throughout. Well done!

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Thanks Dave it’s a brilliant location for flying, hopefully I will get some more shots while I’m here but it’s very windy at the moment so fingers crossed the wind will drop sone. Cheers :+1:

Thanks Mark and welcome to the drone world, your going to love it, once you get bitten buy the flying bug you will soon get the hang of it mate. Cheers and happy flying :+1:

Thanks mate appreciate that👍

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Fantastic Frank,

That was a very slick production by someone who knows how to use a drone.


Love it ! Great video very smooth & Great choice of song really complements the video …

Thanks Mike, appreciate your comments cheers mate👍

Cheers Richard appreciate that mate it’s a great location for flying Whitby👍


My neighbors across the road go to some dress up fest every year !!! :smile: they said it’s stunning I’m not up for the dressing up malarkey but to fly there 100% stunning :wink:

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Yeah right :grimacing::joy::joy::grimacing::joy:

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Yea we tell them when there off too Whitby more like whip me in there chains and leathers !!

That’s got your name written all over it wayne ! :smile: