Why do my Instagram reel videos look really soft

I have been following a couple of tutorials on YouTube on the best settings to export video for Instagram in Davinci Resolve. But after upload they always look really soft compared to other reels on there.

Does anyone have and tips for making pin sharp reels?

Example better on your phone.


Id say it’s instagram being instagram and they’re compressing of the video after the fact. Mine do the same. You export to a high a quality as you can but the compression they add will always do you over.

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I totally get what you say. So they how do folk get this kind of quality.


(Admin: Edited link to work)

Just showing a picture to me?

Yeah its suppose to be a reel lol.

A ‘influencer’ with thousands of followers and verified per chance? Probably get preferential treatment driving traffic to the site.


we need more LUT’s

or you know a colour grading expert

LUTs have zero impact on the apparent clarity/resolution after Instagram have screwed about with it.