Why does the DJI CrystalSky have an internal battery?

Hey guys i finally opened up my crystal sky monitor snooping around and was thinking about the cooling mod. However i came across this internal battery. any idea what is this batter used for?

The CrystalSky (rather usefully) supports hot swappable batteries.

This means that mid-flight you can remove the external battery on the CS and it’ll continue to run while you put the next battery in.

Not a feature I’ve ever needed to use in the field as the CS batteries just last forever anyway :slight_smile:

Have a look at the power settings on the CS and you’ll see two battery levels (int+ext).

If memory serves, you either can’t boot the CS from cold on internal battery alone, or you can but the display remains off :thinking:

Anyway, I’m a nutshell, it’s to allow hot swappable external batteries.

Did it come with a manual? Just a thought.

DJI, manual, not two words you normally associate with each other!

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Ah! - Not familiar with them altho’ enough noise is made of them… :rofl:

The 5.5" is good but a bit small, the 7.85" are very good but bloody heavy after a few minutes!

Thank you PingSpike, I learned something new. I never knew this

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