Crystalsky Overheat Cooling Solution

My Crystalsky 7.8 Bright has shut down on me a couple of times, although I did have it set to it’s highest brightness for several hours.
I’ve decided to experiment with an external cooling fan blowing air through the audio jack, I’ll be testing a 12V ball bearing fan.
The fan will ran off a 3 cell lipo which I’ll have in a pocket, I’ve done the 3D drawings all ready for the fan to be delivered some time next week.

Some pictures.

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Still surprised you’re having an issue as these things are used to running in the Florida sun all day long :man_shrugging:

Were you able to check to see if the built in fan is actually working?

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I can hear the built in fan, I also had a go at trying to open it. I quickly abandoned the attempt as this thing is tighter than a ducks’ ass.
I’ll ran it later to take a temperature reading which will also show if a cooling fan helps.

I run this app in the background, there’s an option to display a floating temp gauge which is handy as you can drag it around the screen (on top of GO/Litchi/etc)


@PingSpike what version are you on?

v02.06.06.00 (rooted)

They did put out an update back in December, bumping it to v3.0.2.0

Release notes said, “Optimized the performance of CrystalSky in high-temperature environments.”

But again, the UK isn’t exactly a high temperature environment :thinking:

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I haven’t updated to that version yet… :thinking:

Do you know of any pitfalls other than you can’t roll back to an earlier verstion?

I don’t know anyone that’s upgraded, but this is the second firmware update in a row to address a temperature issue.

Albeit it 18 months apart between the two updates.

I think I’ll take it one step at a time, if they are addressing an overheat issue with firmware, they’d have to throttle back performance somewhere.
I’ll hold off the update just to see how an external cooling fan works,I’m printing the housings now .

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Part 2 completed…

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Did you not fancy using a 5v fan powered from one of the usb sockets mate?

Not really, one; I’m not sure how stable the current draw would be with these cheap fans and my 5V fan that I have just doesn’t have the blow needed to push air through the audio jack.
We will see how this works out,I’ll download that app later on.

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I tried a few, settled with this one for the CrystalSky as you can drag it around the screen to place it where you like depending on the app you’re using at the time, and it’s tiny. You can have just the core temp showing, eg:

Or a few bits of info if needed:

And lots of in-depth stats, should you need them:

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That App coupled with a cooling fan will be great as I can find out the temperature it shutdown at, then I can fire up the fan.
I’m thinking of maybe powering out of the TX charge port, I’ll look for the right jack somewhere in the work shop.

The mount is now complete, just needs fine tuning.

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Looks great!

Still flummoxed as to why it’s required though :grimacing:

Is that 12v straight out the back?

If it helps, I’ve used one of these with good levels of success to run low current 12v devices from a 5v (usb) source.

I’m not happy it physically overheats, for me I’d rather try to physically cool it down using a fan rather than a DJI firmware update which I believe will only work if they throttle some feature in the Crystalsky.

Here is the size of lipo I’ll be using…

The general idea is this…

Me neither, that’s the bit I can’t understand, why it’s overheating.

You’ve not install an app that’s running flat out in the background?

Having thought about it, I wonder if you’ve got a 2nd gen CS? :thinking:

The first gen Ultras were bomb proof, no issues at all. But then DJI made some cost savings on parts which caused the second generation screens to keep over heating and blowing their backlights. Two years later and DJI were still honouring all warranty claims (fair play).

The third gen seemed to cure this issue too.

I thought there was a post on here about serial numbers / build dates but I can’t seem to find it now.

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