Why is there such a large restricted arear around Durham/Frankland

Brand new drone owner (Teesside), just browsing drone flying locations and noticed the seeming massive restricted area around Durham and Frankland prison aka FRANKLAND/DURHAM zone

I can understand a prison, however even then restricted area covers a massive amount of land in comparison to other zones (and prisons), most of the city is also covered. Why so large? Is there any oversight to the assigning of areas or has someone just got out a big red pen? Other restricted areas seem very specific in their boundaries.

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Thats DJI for you


It is quite large eh.

I found this…

Warrants further investigation though.


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Not DJI - just an “Airspace Restriction” (… that I tend to turn off. :smiling_imp:).


Applies to helicopters only. Except those operated by or on behalf of UK Police Forces

R432 refers -



The area within which restrictions apply in respect of HMP Frankland is extended to encompass HMP Durham.


It’s a shame there isn’t better detail in the source data, there are so many of these restrictions that aren’t really relevant to drones.

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Has anyone got an update on this? I suspect that the helicopter restriction might pre-date the drone era.
Durham looks a great place to use a drone.