Wigan Flashes

second time out with baby spark - absolutely loving it!


No way!!

I live across the road from here (literally, Poolstock) - I posted these photos just the other day: Sunrise above the freezing fog

We’ll have to meet up if you’re local, which you must be, right?!

I cross that bridge with my dog literally every single day of the week :smiley:

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haha it was from your dronescene location which prompted me to go here :slight_smile:

I’m from up Atherton way so only about 20 minutes from Wigan

at the moment I’m just trying to get out, learn about the drone, learn about Premier Pro etc

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No way :smiley:

@RaRaRasputin will be pleased to hear that :slight_smile:

Did you park when I dropped the pin?

SUCH a small world eh :smiley:

yes I certainly did - worked a treat!

would love to see more pins etc to get to some stunning locations

0:38 looks like you’re drawing a crowd? :thinking:

was just a few people, mainly a couple of togs who ended up asking questions about it such as “does it take photos?”

nice video. Thanks for sharing

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