Wilders Folly FPV

Had to head to Reading for work. So took a quick peek on Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Wilders Folly - Monuments in South East so decided to take a minor detour and the weather was clear (cold enough for fingerless gloves).


I chickened out on the gap after the first time. I need @SirGunner to power-loop it. One day I will power-loop it.


Look pretty cool Brendan :sunglasses: You can powerloop it mate, just dont get it wrong as all that solid brick wont be very forgiving :grin:

Nice. Was that on your 3.5"? Looked a bit windy?

Keep spares in a go bag in the car and fear naught; send it! :joy:

Looks like great fun , good job, I’m not brave enough to power loop either, I had a little bit of fun at work myself today, if I could figure out how and where to upload the video I would put it on

You can upload to YouTube if you have an account & share the link :+1:t2:

Here’s a video I found explaining just incase you are not sure, there maybe other platforms but I only myself know how to use YouTube.

Tommy 4 inches! The extra half-inch is key as I said to …

Quite windy, but I only had a quick time before work. 12mph I would guess. Loads of fun.

Damnit. 100% I sat there going “was it 4 or 3.5… 4 or 3.5… come on brain, 4!? Or 3.5???”

50/50 fail.

Weather’s great down here today so hoping to pop out at lunch and see how well my Cinelog has survived being run over :face_with_peeking_eye:

Bloody lovely weather here too and a non-working day!

Run over ??

Ah yes, I had been keeping a little quiet about that. Erm… sod it, why not :joy:

I heard fireworks going off last Friday so I thought, sod it, got a pack I haven’t discharged for storage yet, let’s have a quick blitz from the drive…

Got some meh clips of the fireworks, went to come back and land and realised
a) the drone wasn’t where I (or the observer /cough) thought it was
b) it was too dark to work out where it was
c) there were a lot of trees around I didn’t want to land in

So I found a patch that I couldn’t see any trees in, started coming down at what I thought was a slow pace, and plonk, bounced off the road and ejected the battery. Doh!

Ran 25m round the corner just in time to see a car approaching and hear the crunch as it run over the poor thing. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Got very lucky, it broke some plastic casings on the edge and grazed some props, but nothing a 1 week $5 replacement part can’t fix. Was still showing as ok in goggles so popping out shortly to see if it’ll still fly :crossed_fingers:

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Fun! Video of the fireworks and run over ?
I also have a word with your observer :wink:

Does the DJI not give you an arrow back home ?

Sure. You can see I kept trying to fly back to the TOAL spot but eventually got lost… Q&A included in description

No GPS on this little thing so no RTH markers.

You have balls to go up in the dark

You should try it with a 75mm whoop after 2 (big) bottles of Leffe, (in your back garden). It’s an interesting experience. Flying when you can’t see bugger all. :stuck_out_tongue: I went a bit mad and flew out of my garden and looked down and it was like nothing except one light. Never did it again after that. Some cameras are apparently better than others. The caddx ant nano isn’t one of them.