Willington Power Towers - Saturday 2nd April

I think @speatuk said he’ll bring his socket set down

There no other way in? Wanna go back sometime!


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Heh me 24kg leisure battery won’t fit through lol

Toss it like the strong men contests. I’ll do it. I’m a tosser :+1: :grin:

Impact driver :grin::grin::grin::grin:

well I could bring the zip saw and the angle grinder too.

If you look close, someone has put some temporary bars up which are held there by wire. So a decent set of wire cutters will suffice.


Sorry just seen the picture.

Battery zip saw would be best

Other makes available

Been researching this a lot then :laughing:


Standard tools on my van pal. Use a zip saw most days.
Angle grinder would make lots of sparks and take a while. Zip saw would be through the railings in seconds with a decent blade

I’ve always got a full kit of sockets and spanners in the boot, there’ll be something to fit in there.

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AND a BIG breaker bar!

Have to be careful though. As I would assume, I know I know assumption is the mother of all evils.

Would this or could this be construed as breaking and entering?

Hate to say it, but, YES :scream:

Someone mentioned might have been another way in the other side of the towers. Shame, a fun place to fly! Why it annoy the farmer so much?!

Its a big place. There must be another way in

Some people get off on being annoyed. Shame really. Its not good for you.

Just had a look on google maps and open street map, whats this footbridge?

Lot longer walk though!!

maybe here ???

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