Willington Power Towers - Saturday 2nd April

Hi all. @yith, @notveryprettyboy and myself are planning a trip to Willington on Saturday (weather is looking good). @yith can get there from 14:00, though I’d like to get there earlier if anyone is up for that (like to make a good few hours of it!)

Let us know in the comments below :slight_smile:

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Let’s see what the weather be like

Wellington cooling towers are good place to smash my new build :sweat_smile:

Yes, I’ll probably be around. :+1:

You running dji? Fucks sake :laughing:

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Hes not flying, hes just gonna plug in now and then randomly to keep everyone on their toes :laughing:


I’ll just wait till Kris totals it on the first pack

@Steviegeek @DeanoG60 ? @SirGunner can you make the trip?

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I would loooooooove to but I have covid
Spending most of my time sleeping at the minute this has totally washed me out.
Next time guys. :facepunch:t2:

Keep well chief

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Not sure, want to start the day seeing if new antenna has solved the problem, depends if I get my SharkByte VTX setup on my 7” with Arducopter, in short, I’ll decide on Saturday :laughing:

I was thinking the club field first

If I’ll come probably will fly with my analog

@BigDog ?

I might have another drift that day as well so but will see what’s the weather like tomorrow

If I come I’ll probably will fly with my BOTH :laughing::laughing:

Should probably @Jon-Denise , too. See if we can drag him further into the pit. :slight_smile:


So want to fly here but I have a birthday to celebrate with my youngest.

Defo next time

I can’t make it either sorry guys.

Cant do this weekend Im afraid :tired_face: definitely want to get up to the quad graveyard at somepoint this year though lol hope you guys all have a good trip :+1:t2:

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So what time can anyone come? @earwig . Was hoping for 12ish, will probably stay till 4/5ish (depending on damage!)