Willington Towers - Sat 22nd oct 10:30?

Weather is looking good, even a little warm, any @group-fpv fancy it on Saturday? I say 10:30, but can be adjusted around that… Might be last chance this year! I got two lovely fresh built quads that need… Ummm concrete modifications :smiley: :smiley:


I dunno…even when I play safe and just potter up and down the safe lanes I seem to end up breaking stuff at Willington. :frowning:


Been a while @Earwig I’ll lend you my THII :slight_smile: Be nice to see you

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So. It’s not been a while since @Earwig was at Willington…

I’m up for flying on Saturday, but was hoping for somewhere less concretey to save damage on quads after the inevitable crashes when trying to do the trick someone decided to challenge us all to.

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What you saying @yith?

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I see you understand…

Could always change the trick to “power loop 2 power station towers…” :wink:

Weekend of night shifts for me boys so I’m gonna have to duck on this one :o(

I want to both laugh and scream at that, but I’m only allowed one emoji.

Still… I want a “bando” or towers really… You just go high for the trick tbh… haven’t been to a bando or something other than “fields” for ages…

:smiley: still… we build back better :smiley:

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Had a cheeky trip to Crich on Sunday evening. Just to test the mods (and new batteries - couldn’t wait for Santa) on the Darwin and was thankful to return home with everything intact. :slight_smile:

Cracking evening, though.

I know what you mean, though. If only they were a bit more bouncy. :roll_eyes:


It’s whoop season after this, you don’t need your big 5 inch quads over winter, plenty of time for repairs :smiley: :smiley:

Of course. I’ve got three spare XL V2 arms just sat in a box doing nothing. :grin:

And there’s a small part of me wants to go back to Matlock now I no longer need three football field’s worth of space to fly in. But you just know it’ll end in tears. :sob:

heh I bought 3 frames for the 5 inch when I originally built it… Guess technically I got 8 spare arms now! :smiley: :smiley: Lasted a year… and what killed it… a field…

Would love to but a dose of the Rona has ruled out anything sociable for me :mask:

Oh hope you OK. If you are… Why you testing? :smiley: :smiley:

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First time having it for me mate.
Testing because I felt like shit tbh.

Getting better now but wouldn’t wish it on anyone else

Its the tiredness that did me.

Anyway @gunja99 be aware that at this time of year there is a good chance that the bottom of the towers is a swimming pool.

Even the one we usually fly?

Yeah. Either take our wellies or kindly ask @BigDog to check it out