Wind speed?

Hi, I currently use UAV to (try and) forecast weather, as well as a handheld anemometer and my windsock / weather-station (all sad, I know :yum:). Used to fly a P3SE which you could temporarily just switch into ‘atti’ mode, it would then drift along and report wind-speed via DJI-Go. Currently on a Mavic Air (same if not better :yum:) but can’t immediately see any way of doing the same - ie. a way of getting wind-speed (as opposed to powered-speed). Apologies if I should have RTFM more deeply or if Q has been asked/answered elsewhere.

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As you’ve found Mavic Air has no atti mode or other way of reporting wind speed.

You can look at the aircraft pitch in attitude indicator and get a rough idea of what effect the wind is having but no speed.

Another option would be to fly head on into the wind and subtract the speed you get with that of the speed without wind but again not the most accurate method.

Callum - glad it’s not just me, then - will accordingly take on board your suggestions, continue my other methods, keep an eye out for any snapped tree-trunks and take my cue from those :wink:

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Interested to hear more about your weather forecasting if you wish to share.

Nothing complicated, really - I use (in no particular order) UAV-Forecast app on Android (varying degrees of accuracy for my location); an AcuRite 01512 pro weather station mounted up a wall (just swapped a previous unit actually), on a 5m. mast - indoor-receiver then displays rainfall / windspeed+direction / internal+external temps with max/min/total logs going back 31days as well as forecasting (quite accurately actually, after initial standard 14-day ‘learning’ curve). Thereafter a small handheld anemometer off eBay (measures wind in real-time, with actual / gust / hold options) - though by the time I get that out, I’m getting worried anyway. Lastly a 1m-long windsock (mounted on top of said wall) which gives a quick visual cue as to direction/strength. Basically all with a dollop of common-sense (as I assume others apply too) - if much over 10mph, or rain likely - don’t fly - there’s always tomorrow; if windy, fly into wind so it’ll help you on way back etc. :grin:

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